10 Best Android Call Blockers to Block Unwanted Calls

Tired of anonymous calls?

Relax! Best call blocker app blacklists and blocks undesirable callers.

How to find the best spam call blocker from countless apps?

Relax; it's easy. You'll need much research.

Let's first define call blocking and why it's important.

What is Call Blocking?

Call blocking prevents unwanted calls from reaching you. Many spam call blocker apps let parents ban suspicious or random callers from reaching their kids. A call screener app helps organizations to prevent spam callers on company-owned cellphones.

Smart call filter software labels incoming calls as spam or robocalls.

Call blocking is an important parental control feature.
You don't want strangers accessing your child's phone. Your kids shouldn't befriend strangers. Parents must prevent spam calls on children's Android devices.

How parents can use app blocking:

  • Call Blocker
  • Disable Call Notifications
  • Whitelist/blacklist numbers
  • Security-code-enabled call filters
  • Some Android devices include built-in call blocking, so you don't need a third-party app. If your target device doesn't have a call blacklisting or blocking capability, you'll need an app.

As an Organization, Why do we need a Call Blocking App?

As a business owner, you're probably aware of how much spam calls may interfere with daily operations.

From what we can see, businesses regularly face hundreds of spam calls. Such spam calls are a bother to a business and a waste of time for everyone involved. To avoid this, organizations could install a spam blocker program on their company phones to prevent unsolicited callers from getting through.

Here Are the Top 10 Android Call Blocker Apps for Blocking Spam and Robocalls

The world moves quickly. Managing your life is difficult. As a busy parent, it's difficult to monitor your teens' every move. Parents should take precautions against anonymous callers to protect their children. Businesses need a way to filter spam calls from work devices.

Parents can now use call blocking apps to restrict random people from reaching their kids. Anonymous callers can be blocked by anyone, not just parents.

When someone calls you without reason or leaks your number, it's frustrating. Call blockers will save you.

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Copy9 Call Blocker App:

When looking at lists of the best call blocking apps, Copy9 always comes out on top. It includes everything you need to block unwanted calls. Copy9 not only screens incoming calls, but also allows users to block specific people, apps, and games on the monitored device.

Copy9 installation is the first step to a world of call and SMS blocking possibilities.

Listed here are a some of Copy9 most notable capabilities

  • Disable Unwanted Calls/Numbers
  • Log all incoming calls to keep tabs on who's calling you most often.
  • Log all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Keeping tabs on text messages and social media conversations
  • Copy9 is a track app for phones as well as a spam call blocker.
  • Copy9 allows you to remotely block numbers and manage your calls blocklist.

Find out the pros and cons of using Copy9

Copy9 notifies you immediately whenever a call or text is received or sent on the device you're monitoring.
It's a simple app that lets you keep tabs on someone else's phone.

Copy9 is only available for Android-powered phones and tablets
Using Copy9, you can stop unknown callers from reaching out to you. Through the use of Copy9, you can listen in on your children's phone calls and ensure that they are not having inappropriate conversations with anyone. Copy9 is the savior if your business is overwhelmed by unwanted calls and you need a call screening tool.

Here are the top 10 best phone call recording track apps for Android phones, in case you're interested in doing so.


TrueCaller is an Android software that can be downloaded for free to silence telemarketers. You are able to prevent not just calls but also messages from a particular number. This great program not only displays the caller's name but also indicates how recently the user has been contacted by that number.

Let's have a look around at what TrueCaller has to offer:

  • To prevent unwanted or unwanted spam calls, you can use this.
  • Stop Receiving Texts
  • Look up Contacts with Caller ID Search Right in the App
  • The pros and cons of call-blocking apps go beyond mere functionality. There are benefits and drawbacks to using TrueCaller as well.
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  • The caller ID feature allows users to see who is calling.
  • User-friendly App


  • Some areas are off-limits due to security concerns.
  • The app's settings will be automatically restored
  • TrueCaller is well-known as an Android call-blocking app. A call blocker called TrueCaller is readily available on the Google Play Store.

Call Control:

To prevent unwanted automated phone calls from reaching your phone, this system was created. This program has a distinct advantage over its rivals due to its ability to automatically block unwanted calls. A personal blocklist can be set up to prevent calls from specific people. This blacklist program works great if you're sick of spam and robocalls.

The capabilities of Call Control include:

  • Delete Messages, Stop Calls, and Block Texts
  • Calls from unknown callers will be blocked automatically.
  • Access to Caller ID
  • Plan out your own personal time for creating a blacklist.
  • The benefits and drawbacks of using a call-blocking app will be discussed.


  • A lot of information is updated in the app.
  • The knobs and dials can be adjusted to your liking.


  • Providing assistance to customers is inefficient.
  • The Call Control app is great to use, and the fact that it doesn't disturb you when you're doing other things has helped individuals be more productive. However, the app is quite large and takes up a lot of room on your phone.
  • The Call Control app is available in the Google Play Store for download.

Mr Number:

It's a simple and effective method for blocking unwanted calls and erasing numbers from your phone. If you're tired of random persons phoning you, Mr. Number's different blocking options can help.

First, let's check out Mr. Number's available features:

  • Several Intercepting Filters
  • Caller ID with the Ability to Blacklist and Whitelist Callers
  • A.I.-powered caller ID
  • Calls Are Answered Instantly
  • Now, let's take a look at Mr. Number's upsides and downsides
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  • You can ignore calls from any number you like.
  • Blocking SMS messages that aren't necessary
  • In the course of your shift, you are permitted to mute "Family and Friends."
  • There are now an excessive number of filtering-out options.


  • Promoted content within a mobile application
  • Minimal research
  • You can find Mr. Number at the Google Play Store. You can get it from their site and use it to stop those bothersome fraud calls.

Blacklist Plus:

It's incredible how user-friendly Blacklist Plus is. The app's blocking functionality extends to blocking SMS messages from the blacklisted phone. There is a large variety of phone numbers that Blacklist Plus can block.

Some of Blacklist Plus's features are as follows:

  • In other words, make a list of dos and don'ts.
  • Ignore the Banned Phone Numbers
  • Immediately end all Blacklist Calls
  • Interface that is easy to use
  • Hide Individual Phone Numbers
  • Give us a chance to lay out the benefits and drawbacks of this program:


  • Uses less Battery Power
  • Block about 800 Numbers


  • You will get notification alerts of blocked numbers
  • However, Blacklist Plus's ease of use and robust blocking capabilities have made it a popular choice despite a few drawbacks.
  • The software is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices.

Tips for Preventing Unwanted Calls at the Office

The greatest spam call blocker program, Copy9 may be used to prevent unwanted calls on company phones. It enables remote control of company devices and the filtering of unwanted calls.

With the use of Copy9 web-based management console, business owners may monitor incoming and outgoing calls on any company-issued handsets.

In Conclusiveness, What Do You Think?

Pick the perfect call-blocking app for you from this list of the top 10 best blocker apps. Choose a cutting-edge app like Copy9 call blocker if you need a lot of extra capabilities. If that's not what you're looking for, there are plenty of other apps out there.

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