10 Free Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

1. Location tracking with Copy9

Copy9 is a superb location-tracking application for Android and iOS that was created with a lot of passion. In this tool, you will find plenty of options that will aid you in tracking the location of the target device.


  • With Copy9, you'll have quick and accurate access to a person's current location.
  • If the target device is not around, Copy9 also helps to discover phone locations fast.
  • Set up a geofence like home or school, and receive a timely notice when kids depart the set geofence.
  • No need to handle anything on your kid's phone. Once the program is installed, you may make set everything on your own device flexibly.
  • Compatible OS: It is accessible for Android and iOS smartphones.

What is Copy9 and how it works?

Copy9 is a kid-device monitoring app with a focus on the needs of parents. It can not only track the kid's location but also record the usage of the kid's gadget, build up a smart time plan, and allow kids to control their screen time.

On iOS devices, you can also block children from making in-app purchases.

Try for Free on website Copy9

  • Web Filter & SafeSearch
  • Screen Time Limit & Schedule
  • Location Tracking & Driving Report
  • App Blocker & App Activity Tracker
  • YouTube & TikTok History Monitor; Video Blocker
  • Social Media Texts & Porn Images Alerts
  • Compatible with Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and the Kindle Fire....
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2. Google Maps

Google Maps is a prominent navigation tool available on the web that allows the user to find the location. This is an excellent app, especially while driving a car or bike.

With so many features pre-installed, it's easy to discover new areas with this application. The biggest benefit of choosing this software is that it is available free of cost.


  • You may easily access the target device location utilizing its location sharing function.
  • One can simply locate more than one gadget at the same time.
  • The accuracy of the location tracking is good because it employs GPRS, Wi-Fi, or GPS.
  • Compatible OS: It is accessible for Android and iOS smartphones.

3. Where's My Droid

Where's My Droid comes from the house of Alien man Technologies LLC. This app is mainly meant for Android devices. Engaging using the app, you may track a cell phone for free. \The method of location tracking is very much easier and convenient as compared to many navigation services.


  • Using the Where's My Droid Pro edition, you may quickly take the photo using the target device camera and locate the device without knowing the target user.
  • The size of this software is modest hence, it takes fewer system resources as compared to other apps.
  • Android devices may use it without any issues.

5. Find My Device

Find My Device is an application developed by Google for Android devices. This program is mainly meant to locate the lost or stolen device. However, this program can be used to track your current location.

Simply put this software on your kid's Android mobile and start monitoring. The price of this application is 0 dollars, and you don't have to pay to utilize this service.


  • Track the live location in few simple steps.
  • Numerous functions can be carried out remotely like wiping, finding, or even ringing the device. This is helpful when you lost the gadget.
  • Compatible OS: It is only compatible with Android.

6. Glympse

Glympse is one of the greatest location tracking programs available on the web. Glympse is available for smartphones that are running on Android and iOS devices.

This program locates your smartphone in real time and provides you with access to the target device's location history. 


  • Glympse makes it simple to locate lost children.
  • It simple to share a location by asking for the target's ID.
  • Compatible OS: Glympse is compatible with Windows, iOS, and Android smartphones.

7. Phone Tracker for iPhones  (tracking people with GPS)

Phone Tracker for iPhones is coded by Cell Phone Solution, LLC to track the location. There are over 3 million delighted users throughout the world. This program is recommended by millions of people if you wish to track the location of your kid's iPhone device.


  • The size of this software is extremely less therefore, and it takes very fewer system resources.
  • The signup process of Phone Tracker for iPhones is incredibly simple and fast.
  • You can download this software on the target iPhone device free of cost.
  • Compatible OS: it is only compatible with iOS devices.
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8. Find My Friends

Find My Friends is a location service supplied by Apple Inc. for Apple iOS devices. Using this program, you may track the live location of your family or friends. This is a wonderful app for you if you want to track a cell phone for free.


  • Location monitoring with Find My Friends app is highly fast and secure.
  • One can obtain it from the Apple App Store free of cost.
  • Find My Friends allows the user to track more than one iOS device.
  • Compatible OS: Find My Friends is compatible with iOS devices.

9. Find My Phone

Find My Phone is another leading application that is designed for parents to locate their kids' gadgets. Moreover, you can also use this application if you wish to track the lost or stolen smartphone.


  • Using this program, one may simply identify the live location of the target
  • Provide regular updates on the location of the device.
  • Compatible OS: Compatible with Android smartphones.

10. Family locator - GPS tracker

How can I track my phone for free? The family locator is a location monitoring application conceived and developed by Life360. This program uses GPS to track the live location of the target device.

There are numerous of capabilities accessible with this location tracking service. Some features are given below.


  • If you are a concerned parent and want to know about your kid's activities then, you must use this app.
  • It's available for free download.
  • Compatible OS: It is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones.

Hopefully, you have found the Top 10 free apps to track a cell phone location for free. All these apps are ranked as per the effectiveness and affordability. After reviewing the above programs, we feel Copy9 is best.

This is an awesome software with loads of features that will help you with location monitoring. If you are a parent then, you must try this app by simply sign up for the Copy9 services.

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