5 best phone call tracking tools for Android

Android phone call tracker enables you to know the last position of any number. However, the tracking has now gone further than this. It's now not limited to only position, but there are many other parameters likewise.

Now you'll realize other things like call summary, caller name, caller's address, geographic coordinates, signal, call records and more. So you're probably brooding about how all of this will be done.

It's true that you just can keep track of these constraints related to a call. you wish a call tracker app to try to do all of those tasks. There are many Android call tracking apps available on the net. Which one is the best out of all? After all, you have no idea about this.

Here, we are presenting a listing of the highest five Android call trackers, which is able to make your way of tracking lots easier than before. start with them with none further delay!

1. Copy9 Android Phone Call Tracker

Copy9 is one of the best phone call tracking apps, helping you to track not only phone calls but also a lot of other things, including Call History of cell phone numbers. It is compatible with both Android and iPhone devices.

Special features of Copy9:

  • Copy9 tracks the position of any number.
  • It provides GPS location, does survey, doesn't hack Snapchat, doesn't survey Kik Hack.
  • It keeps checking the targeted user's messages.
  • Best WhatsApp hack tool can hack Instagram online and offline, hack Facebook Messenger, hack iPhone text messages.
  • Allows you to look at bookmarks and browser history.
  • It supports you to look at the library of the monitored device.
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All you can do with a call log via Copy9?

With Copy9, you can check the call history and then, efficiently analyze it. You can do these two on a Copy9 supervised device.

View phone call history

This allows you to view the call history of the monitored device. These logs are organized in chronological order with name, phone number, call duration and categories such as sent, received or rejected.

Call analysis

With Copy9, you can see at a glance who you communicate with, along with other details like the date of the call, call time, duration of the call, and more.

Steps to follow up phone call of supervised device:

To monitor phone calls, you need to follow these instructions:

Step 1: Create an account

First, you have to create an account on its official website. This Android call tracker can be used on desktop as well as with apps.

how to download copy9

Step 2: Enter details

Now, you want to enter details about the monitored device. If you've got to observe an iPhone device then you need to add its iCloud ID and password. You'll be able to learn more about the setup process for iPhone devices here.

However, if you've got to use it to trace an Android device then you need to install the Copy9 app on the monitored device. To understand more about it, click here.

Step 3: Click on the option "Call"

Once everything is finished, you'll see all supervised device activities on the KidsGuard dashboard. To look at the telephony log, you would like to click on the “Calls” option on the left side. All details are going to be displayed on the screen afterwards!


  • It is an affordable app with no in-app purchases required.
  • It provides the most effective customer support, solving any problem in a very short amount of your time.
  • Has been rated 4.6 on Google Play store and thus, makes it better than others.
  • It offers many alternative unique features that don't disappoint any user.
  • It securely extracts data from the monitored device and notifies it at the identical time.
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  • This telephone tracker doesn't show unknown numbers in call log, however, it does detect them.
  • It is slower than older versions of Android and, as a result, devices may run slower.

2. Mobile Number Phone Call Tracker

It helps you to see the location of unknown Indian numbers you get on your Android devices. Now you can see the location of any number instantly with this Android call tracker.

Special Features of Mobile Number Call Tracker:

  • It gives you the caller's location.
  • It provides exact details about cell phone numbers.
  • Detect numbers with the help of codes.


  • It displays all information on the screen about the phone caller when that particular number calls.
  • It works even without internet connection.


  • It has been rated 3.7 on the Google Play Store.
  • This Android phone call tracker works only for Indian phone numbers.

3. True Caller ID & Dialer

This is one of the best phone call tracking tools, helping you to detect the location of unfamiliar numbers. This phone call tracker also helps you in blocking spam calls and messages. Identifying unfamiliar numbers has become a lot easier with True Caller.

4. Trace Mobile Number

In case you want to know the location of then unknown calls, Trace Mobile Number is one of the best options for you. This phone call tracker tells you about the state or telecommunications carrier to which specific numbers belong.

Special Features of True caller ID & Dialer:

  • It blocks telemarketing and Spam and SMS calls.
  • It detects each and each unknown message.
  • Help you block numbers by sequence of numbers.
  • True Caller helps you to share status, location and emoji with others.
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  • It has been rated 4.5 on the Google Play store, which makes it a decent option.
  • Become a really popular Android cell phone tracker once 100 million people have downloaded it.
  • Doesn't take up plenty of RAM and ROM.
  • It has enhanced its features by adding the choice of video calling via Google Duo.


  • It is not available free as users need to pay $ 1- $ 16 for every.
  • It sends lots of annoying messages.

5. Call Tracker

It gives you all the information regarding the calls. It helps you to update the call history of the monitored device. You can track any device with Call Tracker more easily. It even helps you keep track of other apps like WhatsApp, Viber, etc.

Special Features of Call Tracker:

  • It detects each and every call.
  • It checks the contact list of the monitored device.
  • Monitor SMS, Viber, WhatsApp and other applications.
  • It even checks the battery life of the monitored device.
  • Keep track of call history.
  • Simple phone hacker.
  • It has a GPS locator.


  • It does not take up much space on your device due to its small size of 2.29 MB.
  • Quite cheap.
  • It consumes less battery while in use.


  • It is not a monitoring application because the target add-on user is notified about it.
  • Users face crashes and errors while using this app.

Now you'll track unknown calls anytime and anywhere with the assistance of 5 best telephone call trackers available for Android devices. How do you hack a phone? Now, you do not have to strain with unknown calls anymore.

You'll be able to get details about any number with these android call trackers. However, you'll use Copy9 for a far better tracking experience because it comes with more advanced features. Download Copy9 NOW!

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