Ambient voice recording

Listen and record the device’s surroundings from your computer at any time. Just click on the button Start on your control panel ( and you will be able to listen what is happening around your device immediately. All the audio will be stored in a MP3 file to allow you download them lately.

Sometimes we call this feature as ambient voice recording or sound surrounding or audio live.  All are the same meaning.

Why is this useful?

Make sure your kid is hanging out with the right people by listening what he is talking with the friends.

1.  So far you can hear during 20 minutes maximum.  If you want to continue to must click button Start again.
2.  This feature needs target device has internet connection.  So if it does not work please check internet connection on target devices.
3.  This feature is different from feature auto-answer (you make a call to target device) and phone call recording (all calls will be recorded directly on target device and send recorded file to your control panel to let use hear later).  This feature lets you both hear lively and hear later with audio files.
4.  If it is recording and there is a incoming call then it will stop immediately.  The same with case user want to make a call.
5.  In previous version sometimes you should send a SMS command <*#1005> to force target device turn on internet connection and force starting to record.

This feature ambient voice recording is one of our best features compared with other products and we can be proud about this feature.

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2.  How to use phone call recording feature.


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