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A few days ago, my friend came to me and announced that he found an Android hack that truly works. He said the hack allowed him to work out all the information on his wife's phone, including chats, photos, and more.

And he says he can see all of that without rooting the target device. At first, I believed he was deceiving me so I just laughed.

I have been trying to go looking for an Android hacking app for an extended time. I used both free and paid solutions. However, none of them gave me any good results.

So I'm clearly skeptical of his revelation. However, as he insisted, I agreed to do it.


As a blogger, I do know I am unable to just keep this information to myself. So I share with you these secret tools which might hack any phone without ROOT required.

At the tip of the blog, I'll also tell you about what you must be trying to find in an Android hacking app. it'll facilitate you in distinguishing the important and also the fake.

Are you interested in how to hack mobile phone? It goes from here...

1.1 Copy9 – The No Root Trick To Hack ANY Phone

Copy9 is the answer to all or any of your (and mine) questions. This is often an Android hacking tool that offers you complete control over the target device REMOVED.

Yes, from afar. you must not be around your device or hold it in your hand. It may well be some other place entirely within the world and you may still have access to its data.

I know that sounds exaggerated or unbelievable to you. You might want to take a look at this magic app.


Don't worry, Copy9 won't let you down. Here's a free demo of Copy9 so you can check for yourself what it can do for you.

  • Keylogger Android

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Let's start with the most effective feature. Copy9 can track all keystrokes made by the target device. This includes chat messages, usernames, passwords, and more. It's hard to search out such a feature without Root.

  • Social media monitoring

Copy9 wants to form everything convenient for you. As a result, you get available modules to follow each of the individual social media platforms. There are separate sections for Facebook, Snapchat, Whatsapp, LINE, Twitter, etc.

  • Message monitoring

Copy9 shows you all the messages sent from the device and received by it. Not only that, it'll even show you the messages that are deleted from the device.

whatsapp track
  • Track calls

Copy9 tracks all incoming and outgoing calls from Android phones. It even gives you details like caller identity, call duration, call time, and more.

  • Call recording

If call tracking isn't enough, Copy9 will even allow you to record calls that the user is making or receiving. you'll hear what they're saying with their actual words.

1.2 How To Hack Any Mobile Phone Remotely Through Copy9

With Copy9, you can hack any mobile phone. You can monitor it remotely even if it's in a completely different place in the world.

You will only need to sign up for the Copy9  and one-time access on your Android phone to download the Copy9  app on it.

how to download copy9

Here are the steps to use Copy9:

  • Sign up for Copy9. It will take less than a minute.
  • Choose your target device.
  • Choose a pricing plan. These packages vary according to the number of devices that you can monitor. Choose the plan that suits you best.
  • Follow the on-screen setup instructions. Enter basic credentials of the target device like name, age, etc.
  • Now download the Copy9 app on the target device from the link mentioned on the setup page.
  • Sign in with your credentials on the Copy9 app on the target phone. And allow the necessary permissions for the Copy9 application.
  • The system will take a few minutes to sync the target device's data with your Copy9 dashboard.
  • Press ‘Start’ and you will now enter the wonderful world of Copy9.

You will see the Copy9 dashboard on your screen

1.3 Why is Copy9 the Best Android Hacking App

From what I've got concluded, Copy9 is the best hacking application you'll use on your Android phone. And this can be not just an optimistic statement.

I came to the present conclusion after employing a lot of hacking apps and seeing what Copy9 has got to offer. this is often what makes Copy9 so special:

  • Does not require root

I've never seen any Android hacking app work without rooting the target device. If there are such apps, I find that they do not actually work. Hence, I like Copy9 because it offers lots of Android hacking features without rooting.

  • Web-based interface

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You do not have to download any applications on your phone or PC to watch the device. Copy9  works on all web browsers within the world. All you've got to try and do is open your Copy9  dashboard in an exceeding application program.


Not only is that this convenient, but it's also a good measure in terms of security.

  • Simple control board interface

Copy9 features a very simple dashboard interface. it's very easy to use. you do not need any technical knowledge to work it. All features are right there!

  • Easy to put in

Copy9 founded within minutes. you must not wait hours wondering once you can start hacking. some clicks here, some clicks there and wham! you're so kind.

  • Cheap

The price of Copy9 is so cheap that whether or not you get the annual package, you will not really feel that you simply obtained it. There are such a large amount of features that make Copy9 worth every penny for it and more.

How to hack a smartphone with another smartphone

Did you recognize that you simply can use your own Android phone to hack another Android phone? Yes, that's true.

While Copy9 can make it happen, there are other ways to try and do it in addition. The way I'm visiting demonstrates to you now could be very simple.

If you are trying this out now, within 5 minutes (or less) you must see all the info of the target phone on your phone. I do know you have been very excited about the key.

So I won't cause you to wait any further. Here's how to hack a smartphone with another smartphone

Thetruthtrack - Android Mobile Hack From Android Mobile

Thetruthtrack is a superb Android mobile hacking tool that works on any Android mobile.

You can use your mobile phone to work out what the opposite person is up to. you'll get bit by bit information about the target device, from pictures and messages to call records.

With Thetruthtrack, hacking Android is sort of a piece of cake. you must not even have any technical knowledge about hacking!

Of course, it may be hard to trust a stranger on the net. This is often why you'll be able to see it for yourself by watching this Thetruthtrack demo.

Part 3: How to Hack an Android Phone from a Computer

Of course, I won't show you two methods to hack Android and sign out. Here's in a different way than you just can hack any Android phone from your computer.

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You can use Trackzie for this purpose. While it lacks features for tools like Thetruthtrack and Copy9, it can definitely get the task finished for you. Also, its price may be a bit higher.

How to Hack Someone’s Android Phone from a Computer

The steps to hack Android phones from computers are just like those on Android phones. All you would like to try to do is download the Trackzie package and open the Trackzie panel in your computer's browser.

Once you've got it, you'll be able to install the Trackzie app on the target phone and verify the credentials. Trackzie will make sure of the remainder.

​​​Things to Look For in An Android Hacking Application

When you're spending the time and money hacking your Android phone, you would like to form sure you're employing a really effective method. Not only that, you wish the simplest method that offers you the foremost access.

This is why I've compiled a listing of some things that you just should absolutely take care of before choosing an Android hacking app.

It goes from here...

Don’t Fall For ‘Free’ Hacks:

There are many websites which will claim to supply free hacks. you must always detain your mind to avoid such websites and solutions.

These sites will usually ask you to verify your ' human 'or' take a survey '. once you start, they'll lead you to a series of app downloads.

These applications are meaningless when it involves hacking. of These sites want to get revenue through advertising and app downloads.

Not only that, I often see these applications contain malware, adware, and viruses. Therefore, always be wary of such solutions.

Look for what the Android Hacking App Claims:

While the app can hack Android and provides you with its data, there are many apps out there that make other false claims.

These include statements like ‘hacking android phones without installing apps.’ To hack an Android phone, you usually must install an app like Copy9 on the target phone.

Prefer No Root over Root:

If an app can hack an Android phone without rooting it, always use it.

While rooting makes hacking an Android phone easy, it also affects its and your security. Data could also be leaked to third-party sources. Additionally, the application can download many other virus-infected applications on the phone. Leave a comment if you know better how to hack mobile phone

Rooting any phone can make it at risk of anonymous hackers who can then exploit the device.

So, in my opinion, you'd better prioritize an answer that does not require root. While most Android hacking apps don't offer many features without rooting, Copy9 has overcome this limitation.

When I use Copy9 without rooting the target device, I buy all the features that other apps claim to supply after rooting.

Follow my instructions now and hack anyone's Android phone within minutes. Do it from your phone, computer or even tablet (or maybe all three?)

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