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Copy9 will be able to listen in real time device’s surroundings just by placing a phone call, without accessing to your control panel. Just turn on auto-answer (sometimes we call it as spy call) from control panel and define your telephone number is ‘monitor phone’. Every time you call the target phone it will answer the call automatic and silently.


How to use
1.  First you must define what telephone number is monitor phone.  Normally it is your phone.
2.  You must make sure feature Auto Answer was turned on.
3. You can make a call from your phone to target phone where installed Copy9.  Please remember that it will be automatically answered if target phone is locked screen.  There are no sounds, no vibration, no lights or any signs  to show an incoming call.
If in case the target device is in use (not locked or they are doing somethings with their phone), the calls will be rejected (like a busy call).

Notes for this feature
1.  Like a normal call, it will show a record in telephone bill of your phone.
2.  Target users can hear back surrounding from your phone so before making a spy call, turn off volume of your phone or make mute.
3.  It will be charged like normal calls (charged from your phone).
4.  Only predefined number (phones) can make an auto-answer call.  Please check it on user control panel and maybe you should wait in case target device does not have internet connection.  Or try to restart target device to make sure the settings you predefined are applied to target device.

1.  You should buy other telephone number to use this feature.  For 100% safe you dont use your primary phone number.
2.  In some cases it will show in billing of target phone that it is missed calls.  That is why we have tip #1.
3.  If you dont want to be charged from your phone you can use feature ambient voice record which is use internet connection to stream surroundings to our server and let you hear directly and lively and even you can download audio files (mp4 file).


For Android devices:
This feature is available from Feb 2014.

For iOS devices:
This works well for iOS 7.x already from Feb 2014 (version 5.x)

1.  How to define a monitor phone number
2. How to use ambient voice recording


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