Which Is The Best App To Spy On Girlfriend Phone?

Which Is The Best App To Spy On Girlfriend Phone?

Do you think your girlfriend is behaving weird for some time? Do you have a feeling that she is hiding something from you? Is it a new boyfriend or some dark secret?

Well, whatever it is, the best way to find that out is to keep tab on her. If you ask her directly, she might act complete innocent and extend lame excuses to skirt the whole thing.

Thus, it’s smarter to keep her under monitoring but without her knowing anything about it.

The best tool for you here is Copy9. It’s a top favorite app to spy on girlfriend phone and that too in complete stealth mode.

You won’t even need to be around the phone physically to spy on it.

You just need the phone for once to install the app in the phone. After that, you can easily keep tab on the phone remotely even when you are miles apart from the device.

The good thing is Copy9 is free to download and install and is far more cost-effective than having a detective to follow your girlfriend.

Copy9 will enable you to keep tab on everything about the phone.

Precisely, the state of the art spy app is designed to monitor all the activities carried by the phone.

Full account of phone calls

Copy9 will extend anything and everything about the phone calls made and received by your girlfriend’s phone.

You will have complete details about the numbers she makes calls to, the numbers from which she receives her calls, call durations, timing etc.

The app will also reveal to you conversations made over the phone during each call.

Monitoring of multimedia files

Do you have to know with whom your girlfriend is taking maximum selfies these days? Is it you or there is actually a 3rd  person?

Well, Copy9 will clear all the cloud about it by providing you complete access to all photos inside the phone.

Apart from photos, you will also get to know about all the multimedia files stored inside the phone. These include videos, voice memos etc.

Ability to keep tab on all messages

Then, Copy9 will reveal to you all the incoming and outgoing messages sent and received by the phone.

From the SMS messages to those of Instant Messengers, you will get full account of every message.

Complete online browsing and app history

Then, Copy9 will disclose to you all the browsing activities carried from your girlfriend’s phone.

From the blogs visited to her comments or tweets on social media- this app will offer you details on everything.

This leading spy app will also reveal about the history of app usage of the target phone.

Ambient audio recording

Do you want to check what’s happening around your girlfriend at present?

Well, Copy9 will enable you to listen to whatever is taking place in the physical location of the target phone.

You would just have to click on Start button and the app will allow you to listen to and record the ambient audio around the phone immediately.

The app also assures 24/7 dedicated support.

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