Which Is The Best Spy Software For An iPhone And Android?

The best way to avoid possible online threats, to monitor your employees or a loved person is to monitor their smartphones. These devices have been equipped with powerful features, which made them incredibly useful, but at the same time, they made users vulnerable.

If you want to get all the data your child or employee exchanges with other users, you are going to need Copy9. It is an app developed purely due to just one purpose, to implement into a smartphone and get access to all the data from the OS itself and installed applications.

Copy9 for Android smartphones

Copy9 is developed for smartphones running Android OS. This is the most common operating system found in mobile devices today, so the ability in question is more than just important. The best part is the fact installation process is simple and quick. You will need access to the targeted smartphone only once, for 2-3 minutes. Once installed, Copy9 cannot be removed by the owner.

Whatsapp spy Android app runs without the root permissions, nor does it make any modification to the phone, meaning that even professional personnel cannot notice the app.

On the other hand, we have the success the app achieved over the recent months. It gathered all the messages exchanged between the targeted device and other users. A new ability is to monitor voice and video calls, over the Whatsapp. All of the data is available in the control panel.

Copy9 for Apple devices

Whatsapp spy iPhone works in the same way as the Android version. It also doesn’t request jailbreaking nor any other preparation. Refreshing time is slightly shorter than with the previous OS. In addition, all other features regarding the Whatsapp and Copy9 are the same.

Copy9  is available for Mac and Windows operating systems, running on desktop and laptop computers. Even the latest versions are supported and new ones are implemented on a regular basis, so functionality won’t be affected over a longer period of time.

Complete set of spy-related features is included

Besides obtaining Whatsapp messages, Copy9 is capable of gathering data from the calendars, private SMS, phone calls and even from the gallery of the smartphone. iMessages available on Apple devices have been rated as extremely safe and unable to penetrate its protection, but the app simply by passes the safety protocols, allowing you to get access to this type of messaging as well.

Checking the internet use of the targeted smartphone is important and essential for parents. A user can check the browsing history, downloads and even check for other spy software! Remotely, from the control panel, you can limit the internet use in a matter of seconds.

Controlling which apps can be installed and used on the target device is recently implemented. A related feature allows you to delete an inappropriate app. In a matter of fact, Copy9 will allow you to format the storage space on the device remotely, useful in a case of device theft. More than 10 additional features are supported and fully operational on all devices used today.

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