Can Whatsapp Be Hacked? 3 Ways to Hack WhatsApp You Need to Know

WhatsApp is a very popular messenger app to lots of mobile users. However, most of the users have a concern on whether WhatsApp can cause any privacy concern, like other social sites.

They like to know- Can WhatsApp be hacked? The truth is that there are security risks to WhatsApp users. In the app market, you can find the availability of tools and techniques through which your WhatsApp account can be hacked. We have talked about three major ways on how to hack WhatsApp

This is a very effective way for which the users have to deal with factory-set MAC address on a device. With the application of this process, you will be able to go through WhatsApp messages of others’ mobile.

  • Uninstall the app. However, the present Whatsapp account can be reinstalled
  • Take the target mobile that is to be hacked
  • Find out MAC address of that mobile
  • This address contains twelve characters, and they are unique to the device. You should also know your own Smartphone’s MAC address.
  • Spoof this address using MAC address of victim. This will help you to access WhatsApp messages of the victim
  • Install the spoofing tool
  • Re-Install WhatsApp on your handset
  • After you have installed it, you need open your messenger app and enter the contact number of victim.
  • Get the code and remove the confirmation text from that mobile.
  • Method 2: Applying QR Code to track on WhatsApp


    Method 3: Use Copy9 to hack WhatsApp-


    This is a track app that helps you in viewing others’ WhatsApp account messages remotely.

    However, Copy9 enables you to track on not only WhatsApp but also other mobile applications. 

    You have to download the app on the victim’s mobile, and the track tool will send information to your own Smartphone.

    Free Download Copy9 WhatsApp Track App 

    How to know whether the hackers are tracking on my WhatsApp?

    The first option to you is to use WhatsApp Web. Check out the log of WhatsApp Web, and while you have found the trace of any unauthorized mobile device, it indicates that your account has been hacked.

    Another option is to get advantage from App Locker. With the use of this tool, you may secure any mobile or app. Thus, while the hackers are trying to access My Files for viewing at the saved data, they should unlock the mobile. However, you have locked this mobile, and no one can hack it.

    So, as a Smartphone user, you have to know these facts on WhatsApp hacking. However, the intention behind hacking is not always bad. The parents also like to track on their kids’ mobile only to secure their teens.

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