How to Track Your Boyfriend's Phone without Him Knowing (Step-by-step)

A few phenomena in psychology are so hard to understand for the occupied mind of the modern man like cheating.

Although nowadays there are the social and cultural movement to reduce the differences between the two persons, when it comes to sexuality, explanations cannot be reduced just because we like ‘simple’ theories.

Part 1: Why is he cheating on her?

Statistics show that about 54% of the men that participated in such a survey declared that they didn’t know why they cheated. It just happened.

About 29% of the men that answered to this survey said that they just wanted to have sex with another woman.

They were followed by 24% who chose to cheat because of boredom in their relationship, while only 13% of the cheating spouse were actually in love with another woman.7% of them did it only for revenge. They were cheated first.

Women have about the same reasons, but their order is going to surprise you.

The main reason why 36% of the women that answered the questionnaire cheat are boredom in their actual relationships.

The second reason is being in love with someone else, and the proportion is 26%. 15% of the cheating women only wanted to have sex with someone else than their partner and 11% were cheated by their partners and just wanted to revenge.

Signs of a cheating partner in a relationship

We cannot generalize that a man or woman who cheated once will always do that.

This ‘Fantasy and Flight’ relationships are nothing but the mind’s illusions that your partner is incomplete, that something is missing from your relationship. You practically convince yourself that your illusionary life feels like reviving.

It is a legitimate question if whether to trust in your cheating spouse again or not.You surely never imagined yourself put in the posture of learning track my boyfriends phone.

But despite the anxiety that their behavior might bring up, there are a few questions that you should ask yourself before thinking if it’s worth forgiving him or not.

Some persons sincerely regret cheating on their partners. Take your time and reevaluate the reasons behind the infidelity act and work on your marriage if you feel like it’s worth it.

Five signs of a cheating husband or wife

You have some doubts that your husband or wife is cheating on you? Spend a few days analyzing these points:

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    Password changes – If he or she is frequently changing their password on the phone or the social media accounts, there might be a sign.
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    Cheating on the phone – If he or she seldom leaves the room when their cell phone is ringing, you should investigate more.
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    Unjustified fights – The cheating husband, as well as the cheating wife, tend to turn any discussion into a fight and always blame their partners.
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    Costs – If by chance your husband or wife is spending awkwardly too much money, you should find out where is that money going.

Part 2: How to catch a cheating spouse using cell phone

Due to the improvement of technology, you now can easily learn how to see my boyfriends text messages without his phone by using the Copy9

copy9 app

The Copy9 App is developed for Android and iPhone, and by installing it, you have full access to your cheating spouse’s phone. You only have to install the application and log in to tand track all activity on the target’s phone

Features of Copy9

There are features of the Gold Version that allow you:

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    View not only the exact location of the cheater but also the internet browsing history
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    Access to videos and photos
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    View calendar and contacts
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    Call tracking
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    Spy on text messages

If you have a Facebook account and your cheating wife or husband as well, you can also use How-to-spy on Facebook Messenger. The spy software allows you to see with whom your partner interacts on Facebook Messenger.

It works in stealth mode, which means that no one can see it, but he captures conversations secretly from all around the world.

It is very user-friendly as well: When your partner will log into his Facebook account, the spy software will record all of his activities and deliver it to you into your account.

Because you have the right to know with who you are dealing with and you have so little time to spend following your cheating husband or your cheating wife, we recommend you to use one of the features mentioned before.

Afterwards, you will have to decide upon the future. Make time for you and your healing and start enjoying what matters in life. Change your priorities, let your number one priority become yourself!

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