Copy9 - Cell phone spy without having target device

Cell phone spy without having target device

Hi everyone,
It is John Miller again.  In previous blog posts, someone asked me many times  about question cell phone spy without having target device with Copy9 application. So far it is impossible to spy someone without having target device.  You must keep target device in hand  within 3 minutes at least to download the app, install the app and configure program (authenticate, hide app…).

But do not worry.  You still can spy SMS text messages, calls history, GPS positions, contacts or address book, Facebook, viber, Yahoo, Whatsapp conversations, notes, internet history(URL) or even you can hear sound surrounding directly (in case your target device has internet connection), you can make a spy call (with feature auto-answer) with Copy9 application.

If you want to track android device you must enter this URL in target device’s browser:

and install APK file.

You can view this video to see how to install Copy9 on Android:

If you want to track an iDevice (iPhone, iPad) you must add this source in Cydia:
Or you can search on Cydia with Copy9 keyword.

So, if you hear some websites or products said that they can spy a cell phone without having target device, please be careful it is impossible.  You must keep in your hand at least 3 mins.  Please do a test first on your own device because Copy9 can allow you to have 3 devices with an account.

Hope this post can answer your question “Cell phone spy without having target device” 

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