How it works?

Copy9 will record information about received calls, dialed calls, missed calls, outgoing messages, incoming message, GPS locations (global possition system), URL address of all website visited… in your Android smartphone then uses HTTP

to send that informations to the website. Later customers can view result on 10/16 website through PC web browser or smartphone web browser.

Customers can customize configuration parameters of application Copy9 in device also by using link Configure cell.

Download Copy9 Now :

+ For Android :

+ For IOS :

Save & Sync Now

– Login account to Control Panel Copy9 (

– Click Settings->Sync Settings, and click Save & Sync Now( after change function on Sync Settings) to make a synchronize between server/target devices IMMEDIATELY.

Config through website.

With a PC, you can config Copy9 running on devices by using CELL INFO TAB on our website. What you changed will apply to application Copy9 running on devices exactly.

You can only monitor 3 devices for each account. If you want to monitor more devices, please register another account.

Review and download data

Login with your account on Copy9 website (

Download data

Login –> Settings –> Select tab Export Data –>  Choose Features or tick all Features –> Sent to email or Download



How to turn on GPS in your smartphone

From main menu tap Settings -> Location and Security -> in group My Location, check on Enable GPS satellites.

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