Define monitor phone number

Monitor phone number, what is it?
is an application which will be installed on target devices (devices of your kids).  In order to control these devices you should use your device as ‘server’ phone and you can use this phone to send commands (via SMS message) and make a spy call (auto-answer feature) or will be received a SMS notification from devices of kids if they changed SIM card.

In order to define monitor  numbers (separated by “,”) as a ‘server’ device:
1.  You login at with your Copy9 account.
2.  Go to menu Sync Settings and scroll down the page you can see text box Monitor number
3.  Enter your phone number, for example +33123456789 (with country code)
4.  Click Save & Sync Now.  If your target devices has internet connection the all settings will be applied immediately.  If not please wait a moment, wait the synchronized time will come (normally it is 30 minutes) the settings will be applied.  Since now you can use this number to make a spy call or send SMS command or receive notification from target devices.


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