Don’t handover your phone as key logger history can reveal everything

Spying or the other Espionage is a special art so as to obtain information about some secret or unknown matters without the holder’s permission. This is, in many cases illegal and punishable by law. Small or to some extent practices are allowed but these rules vary from different countries. There are military spies, personal spies, office spies which come under this category. This requires a lot of intelligence and passion. There are many types of spy system which are available and some of them are key logger history, military surveillance, Cell phone surveillance, civil intelligence, naval intelligence, code breakers who sits on some computers to break into some websites to obtain knowledge, etc.

How does it work?

Well, this is a simple process and requires no external third party for running the app. First one needs to download the app on any smartphone.  Secondly, it will automatically extract data from the phone by viewing key logger history in which you install it. And lastly what it does is it sends the same data information to the website which the spying agent can watch by monitoring the phone.


What is your advantage?

Basically this system works on three basic advantages. All of these can be granted to the one who buys the app and use it to control secrecy.

Three advantages of this app are:

  • It can trace the mobile location through GPS.
  • It remains connected with phone be it anywhere.
  • This app can bring down to your notice the texts in Facebook, Whatsapp and Messenger too.


Talking about spy system, there is many characteristics and features which this system to offer the world. Today cell phone surveillance is a major improvement in finding out hidden truths about some secrets which is difficult to be revealed. Following are some features and characterizes which help us find the unknown are:

  1. It is totally undetectable because of its high power coding technology. These apps have their main working done in the server which is protected by E-256 security patch which is highly undetectable and untraceable. HTTP protocol also adds up to their security which easily hack facebook too.
  2. If you are able to read the contact history wouldn’t it be easy to track down someone? Well, the answer is yes. This also allows key logger history to be viewed with precision.
  3. See what multimedia files are there in this phone through the multimedia spyware. You can also record videos, snap pictures and make voice memos without the holder’s knowledge.
  4. We can also record the surrounding sound and create a video of screen also called screen monitor.
  5. Spy call feature is also present which a good tool to hack into someone call is. This will happen without the knowledge phone’s buyer.
  6. Key logger history can be fetched without any issues or problems. For the one who does not know what key logger is, it is an app if installed in other’s device it can record all things such as password, images, notes, numbers, etc.

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