Explore the features of SMS tracker before install it

Do you want to see other’s messages secretly? Is it your dream to make fun of your friends reading their messages? “Yes,” you can do it. Technology has offered us SMS tracker that helps people to track other’s messages and to get the details of their activities in the mobile. You have to download this app and install it on the target mobile to get the SMS information.

Use of SMS tracker application:

This app can be used for various purposes. These are:

  • Parents can install it in their children’s mobile to keep a look over them.
  • A manager can set it in their employees’ cell phone to know what they do in their office hours.
  • A wife can be aware of her husband’s activity.
  • Anyone can make fun of others using SMS spy app.

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Features of SMS spy:

There are various types of mobile spy that people can use for above mentioned purposes. These applications not only help to get the information of the messages but also show the detailed history of the mobile. The features are of such applications are:

  • SMS Text messages:

This is not a difficult task to see the sending messages of others. If you install this spy app, you can easily see the details of the inbox and outbox with time. It will help you to know what your children are doing instead of learning their subject. You will also get mobile spy app free from various websites. So, download it for keeping a look over your kids.

  • MMS multimedia messages:

The advantage of using this app is, it will not only show the text messages of the target mobile but also all the MMS multimedia messages.

  • Messengers:

In present time, people use Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype or Viber to send the messages. This spy app helps to find out the details of all these messages. It means your children cannot hide anything from you.

If you want to know your friend’s secret, you can hack WhatsApp free of cost because there are several applications that will help you to track your friend’s WhatsApp.

  • Photos sent and received:

Another important feature of this app is you can see all the photos that have been sent by your children.

  • View phone call:

Anyone can get the list of the phone calls. A manager can easily find out how their employees are spending their time. This app will also show the time duration of all calls.

  • Web browsing history:

Parents allow their children to use the internet because they need to collect more information on their subject. But, sometimes they do not use it for learning purposes. So, parents should know the web browser history. With the help of this app, they can easily get such information. Parents will also get mobile spy app free so they should try it.

  • Spy Recorder:

You will also get the recording of all calls so others cannot hide anything from you.

These are the features of SMS tracker that you can install in mobile to get the detail information of others.

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