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In this complex world, there are many things which are out secret from the outer world. There aren’t many ways to know what one keeps secrets. This thing has both good side and a bad side. The good side is if some of the parents are spying on their own son or daughter to maintain and keep good upbringing. It is good if the boss of the company or managing director is spying on his/her employees so to keep the workflow in a good pace. Monitoring in some conditions or relations is good and to some extent needed also. But if the opposite side is looked upon, it also has some bad effects also.  Nowadays spy technology comes with ambient voice recording mostly used by police.


What are its Features?

All of these spy apps which are available in the Google Play are paid apps otherwise everyone would use it rather misuse it. Well, there are some significant features which the authorized person will be able to use and use them significantly are listed below.

> Number one is GPS Location Tracking. This works with the help of ambient voice recording and Google maps. It would give you an idea as to where one goes frequently.

> Exclusive management of Call recording gives you ideas as to how to spy on someones phone. This is an important feature as most secrets can be revealed through calling app. You can get all the details of missed calls, outgoing calls, incoming calls, etc.

> Internet activities monitoring is another way the police investigates any matter related to calls and phone. You will be able to get all the history of pages being searched from the mobile.

 > Messenger used for online purpose. Messengers include Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Viber, Yahoo, Skype, etc. which is used for messaging purposes through wireless networks.

> Recording Phone call is another activity which can be used to spy on someone who spends most of the time in their phone.

> You also have the options of remotely controlling the mobile you spy upon. This also includes ambient voice recordings.


This is new term in this field and is an enhanced factor which works shoulder to shoulder with spying. By bug we mean a code of error. Similarly today bugging process is used to spy on someone’s mobile to switch on the ambient voice recording technology. The technique is creating a bug or an error in the phone by installing an app, or downloading music, etc. which might disable the ringing feature on phone. Thus this allows a call to access its microphone and help it in recording calls.

Software Available

There are many software which are available for spying in someone’s phone. For android phone Google Play works fine but all the apps which are available are paid. For Apple’s phone one many use the Mac play store. For windows also there are ambient voice recording apps which are featured in the spying sections but these apps are also paid apps.


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