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If your target devices are  Apple devices, Android and you want to see what images they have on their devices and what images they take then only Copy9 offers the most comprehensive image capturing available.

See all images they take on their devices
See all images already on their devices
Access all their images online from the comfort of your Copy9 online account
Supports JPEG, GIF, BMP, EXIF, TIFF, RAW, PNG, PPM, PGM, PBM, PNM, ECW file formats
100MB file size limit for rapid image file uploading
Instantly see a preview of their photos inside your Copy9 online account before uploading the full file to your account to save both time and bandwidth

Why You Need This Feature
Pictures speak a thousand words and now you need never be speechless thanks to Copy9 and its image capturing ability. Copy9 intelligently captures both images taken on their phone after Copy9 has been installed as well as any pictures taken before Copy9 was installed thanks to its historical media feature. If anyone in your life is constantly taking pictures on their phone you need to take a closer look at Copy9.

Also Copy9 can let you see other multimedia data such as video, voice memos, notes …

Your photos are compressed and resized before sent to server to reduce data transfer time and save your device battery. Therefore, the quality of photos on your log may be not the same with original photos on your device.



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