How to Hack into Someones Facebook Account without Them Knowing?

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the entire world of the internet. Millions of people use this social network on a daily basis and for a variety of different things.

So, if you’re a frequent user of Facebook, then chances are that by now you have experienced the temptation of hacking into someone else’s profile.

You will easily be able to learn more about the person whose profile you have hacked and see what kind of person they are. This article will share information with you on the subject of hacking someone’s Facebook profile.

There are a few methods you can use for this purpose of hacking someone’s Facebook profile. Some of them will require you to get some applications, some of them will require you to use some websites.

Below you will find information on the best few secretive Facebook hacking methods that we could find.

If you search the web for software that will help you to hack someone’s profile, then you will find a lot of different options. However, you have to be aware that not all of them are legit. Some are even scams that will take your own personal information and they will infect your device with a virus.

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So, you need to be careful and choose the best software for this purpose. If the software has generally great reviews and a loyal user base, then chances are that it’s legit. So, our personal recommendation to you would be to use the program called Copy9. You now know how to hack into someone’s Facebook profile and how to hack into someone’s Facebook messages.


The software called Copy9 has multiple exciting features that you could use for your hacking purposes.

  • The first feature is that it has a built-in key-logger that will log all of the buttons that are pressed on your target’s device. 

This can reveal to you valuable info about the secret passwords that your target uses for some of their accounts.

You can also use Copy9 to track most of the popular social apps such as Facebook or Instagram. You can see all of the activities that your target partakes on these social networks with this app.

  • Copy9 can capture screenshots at precise intervals

 This is very useful if you wish to know what exactly is your target doing at any particular moment on their device.

  • You can use the control panel of Copy9 in order to access the target’s social media account of choice – for example, Facebook. 

You can then use your target’s account in order to post stuff on Facebook in their name.

There are trackers for messages and calls that you can use in order to see the history of your target in this sense.

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You can also look through their internet browsing history as well.

  • Finally, there’s Geo-fencing and GPS tracking which means that you can track the location of the target’s phone.

You could also set up a parameter for the phone – you will get a notification once the phone crosses this line.

One of the cons of this device is the fact that you will still have to somehow install it on your target’s device if it is to work. But with a host of positive features, it still is a no-brainer that you should use it if you wish to hack your target’s Facebook.

How to Hack Someone's Facebook without Them Knowing (Manual Method)

If you’re afraid of downloading suspicious hacking apps, then you may have to use the classical method of manually hacking your target’s Facebook account. In order for this to use you can use Facebook’s own “forgotten password” recovery system. You should log in with your target’s ID and click the “forgot password” option.

If you wish to know how to how to hack someone’s Facebook password for free, then continue reading.

This method has its own pros and cons as well. For one, it can be used quickly and efficiently, without the downloading of potentially malicious apps. It’s also completely free of charge and it’s safe and reliable.

However, you will need information such as the email and Facebook ID of your target. You will also need to have access to their email or to their phone.

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Your target will eventually learn that they are being hacked and if they are skilled enough, they may trace the IP address that you have used for the hacking. In order to use this method, you will need to choose the “Forgot Password” option on the official Facebook website.


Then you will need to enter either your target’s phone number, full name, email address, or their Facebook username. You can then decide whether to reset the password with a call, text message, or email. If you select the third method, then you will need access to the email of your target.

If you pick the first two methods, then you will need to have access to your target’s phone. Then you will get a recovery code which you can enter on the next page – and on the next page, you will be given the option to create a new password.

Finally, you will be given the option to log out of all of the devices that the target is using. So, you will end up with full access to your target’s Facebook account and you will be able to prevent them from ever again accessing their account.

These are two of the best methods that you could use for hacking someone’s Facebook account. Make sure that it’s not illegal to hack in a target’s Facebook profile in the country where you live though – trouble with the law is the last thing that you will want to experience over this.

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