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Finally there is a hidden call recorder for Android that you can use to track on people and give you access to any information that is shared with them

Smartphones are fantastic because they make life so much easier. Apps like planners enable you to schedule your entire day, tiny scanner apps allow you to scan documents, and email apps allow you to send any info you like anywhere.

Then there are those social media apps that you love so much and messenger apps that are so perfect for staying in touch with friends and family. But smartphones can also be dangerous to some people.

Children, for example, are most at risk of being endangered when they are communicating with someone chancy, and smartphones can be terrible for couple life when these fantastic devices are used for tedious things .

Hidden call recorder app for android

Copy9 is a track app that you can download call recorder track apk and install It on Android smartphones. This app acts as a remote call recorder and is freely available for download on . The app itself takes up little space on a phone which also contributes to the discretion of this trackware.

You can quickly install the Copy9 app on any smartphone, Copy9 will automatic call recording without notification and you can get access to all the information you need without alerting the phone user that you are in fact tracking on him or her since the app is invisible and completely undetectable.


Once installed, hidden call recorder login at The app will enable you to get access to any information that you may need such as:

  • You can track the GPS location of the device.
  • You will have full access to all text messages.
  • Call tracking enables you to check the phone users call history which includes information such as time, date and duration of the call.
  • You will be able to view all photographs on the phone.Any websites that the phone user accessed can be traced since you will have access to the browser history.
  • You will get access to all of the contacts on the device as well as any calendar inputs.
  • Even information on social messengers like Skype, iMessage, WhatsApp, LINE, KIK and BBM will be at your disposal.
  • A remote call recorder enables you to listen to live audio from the device if there is an internet connection so you can listen in on conversations and record the calls.
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And the best part is that you can get access to any info you need since a feature called Track Call enables you to access the information or make calls to the device without giving away your position through alerts such as vibrations, alerts, sounds or lights.

The information you view can also be downloaded to a server, should you need the info as proof at a later stage and if you find any sensitive data that is best destroyed, then you can go ahead and hit the delete button yourself.

Uses and Benefits of Call Track App

1. Use the app to keep family members safe

Now all this tracking may seem a bit extreme, but the app can also be used for protection. Parents, for example, can keep an eye on teenagers and monitor their conversations, contacts and track them to ensure that their children are always safe and especially safe from exploitation by other people.

The app is also fantastic for helping family members with problems such as addictions by keeping them under surveillance.

2. Businesses can use the software to keep track of employees

Companies can also keep an eye on the activities of their employers with this software. Copy9 will ensure that expensive business phones are used for business purposes only, the app enables companies to track the employee’s movement through GPS tracking and to ensure that no unnecessary data is spent on non-work related online content.

The app can also enhance a business’s security because companies can track which employees are leaking sensitive information outside of the company.

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