How can I hack someone’s phone for free ?

Recent technological innovations have created a culture of excessive sharing. We are surrounded by social media, chats, smartphones, and other tools that allow us to stream our personal lives.

This results in different exploitation opportunities for the malicious actors who want to achieve sensitive information through cellular phone surveillance. So is it possible to hack a phone? It's correct.

To show how vulnerable these devices are, we performed research that included different methods of hacking phones.

How can I hack someone's phone for free? We'll also find out how to hack someone's phone with their number without touching their phone, and the way to hack someone's phone messages with the assistance of some special apps.

DISCLAIMER: This article is for educational purposes only. Some of the methods discussed in this article are illegal and should not be taken lightly.

How can I hack someone's phone for free?

One of the most common questions asked is – how can I hack someone's phone for free?

Unfortunately, no reliable, free method works. Although there is an outsized number of internet sites offering free hacking features, they're either scams or contain malware. As a general rule, you must keep one's eyes off of these websites.

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The sole working method to realize access to someone's phone is to use track apps. However, they require you to get a subscription.

How to Hack Someone’s Phone Using Their Phone Number

If you choose to hack someone without touching their phone, the method is pretty easy. we'll explain everything intimately below. Another great track app to trace down is Copy9.


Here's how you'll use Copy9 to access someone's phone without touching it.

If you opt to hack someone without touching their phone, the method is pretty easy. we are going to explain everything very well below. Another great track app to trace down is Copy9.

Here's how you'll be able to use Copy9 to access someone's phone without touching it.

How to Hack Someone’s Android Phone Remotely

While most functions are often performed without touching it, you continue to need one-time physical access to the device to put in the software.

You need to buy a subscription → account for an account → download the installation file → settings on the desired phone.

how to download copy9

If you wonder about a way to hack Android phones from an overseas computer - Copy9 also supports you. you'll be able to access all phone files through their user control board on your PC.

Generally, the method takes but five minutes to finish and therefore the app will run within the background. This makes it nearly impossible for the target device to understand that it's being tracked.

How to Hack Someone’s iPhone Remotely

If your target has an iOS device, then the method should be rather more comfortable and might be done entirely remotely.

However, you may have access to the target's iCloud account password and other logins.

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You can then enter their credentials into the track app and have full access to their device. Let's use Copy9 as an example again.

Copy9 uses this data to form a replica of their phone, allowing you to watch all activities on their iPhone. These remote features make Copy9 the winner within the track app community.

How to Hack Someone’s iPhone Without Having Their Phone

It takes a few simple steps to hack someone's iPhone remotely using Copy9. As noted, the only phone you can hack remotely is the iPhone.

In this section, we show you the steps involved:

Step 1: Visit Copy9 official website to register for the service. Once there, make sure you choose a plan that fits your hacking needs.

Step 2: Select the operating system and device you want to hack. In this case, iOS.

Step 3: To set up the device, you need to provide the iCloud login information of the target device. After submitting them, click the Verify button.

Give the software a few minutes to synchronize all the data.

Step 4: After syncing data from the target iPhone, click the Finish button to exit the setup.

Step 5: Log in to your Copy9 dashboard to start hacking your target device.

Here, Copy9 allows you to access almost every aspect of the target iPhone.


It will allow you to find out the target's whereabouts, online activities, and chats, all in one place.

Is It Possible to Hack into Someone’s Phone Without Touching It? 

While it's possible to hack the phone remotely or simply by knowing the signal of the victim, it isn't easy to try to.

There is nobody popular hacking app that offers you access to anything and everything.

If you're a sophisticated person who knows the way to write programs, you'll be able to use more complex methods to attain your goals. we are going to discuss a number of them later within the article.

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On the opposite hand, if you're a beginner, using ready-made software is often a much better and more efficient option.

However, detain mind that almost all of those tools and techniques require physical access.

What Is a Keylogger and How Does It Work?

Keylogger is another effective hacking method that's quite beginner-friendly.

You do not require any prior knowledge, nor any programming skills. However, you'll have to have actual access to the victim's device to put in the app.

Keylogger works by memorizing every stroke an individual makes on their mobile. So you may be able to put all documents, all passwords, and everyone's email addresses together.

When it involves beginner-friendly keyloggers, we highly recommend Copy9.

viber hack

Copy9 keylogger is easy to use and only takes a few minutes to install and set up.

Here's how to do it:

  • Buy the Copy9 keylogger.
  • Try to install the application on the victim's phone or computer.
  • Once done, just sit back and relax.

All data will be forwarded to your device and you can use that data to access the victim's account and device.

How to Hire a Professional Hacker

Hiring an expert hacker is incredibly difficult because no hacker is allowed to advertise their services freely on the net. Most of their activities are illegal in any case.

In theory, however, hacking can often be done through the Dark Web or some hacking forums.

However, confine in mind that you simply can never know if some random person online may be a real hacker or if they went there just to require your money.

Therefore, we strongly advise against taking this route. It carries more risks than benefits and you'll be able to become hacked.


As you'll be able to see, there are other ways to hack into one's phone. While some methods are simpler than others, we strongly advise you to not break any laws or endanger anyone's privacy. Instead, enlist the assistance of legitimate surveillance applications like Copy9.

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