How can I track mobile phones without installing software on the target phone?

Please note that if you have physical access to the target device then this article will assist you a lot in tracking your goal, If you don't have physical access click Easy way to track on a phone without touching it. This will show you every step you can follow to avoid being detected when tracking on the target's phone remotely.

How to track a free phone without the knowledge of the target user

Do you want to track the Android phone of your spouse or kids that they are not able to detect you are tracking on? The answer is yes. You are trying to find free track apps, but did you know that there is no good track app that is free? Any trackware that claims to be a free app will most likely be a phishing software that misappropriated your personal information, or they only have a few functions that limit your muscles and require you to upgrade.


New gold pack can use full features. Copy9 is the most powerful track application available today, it is no exception it will allow you to use the application for free for 3 days so you can experience and decide whether to buy or not.

So, for the best choice, you can continue to read our article below. We have tried and researched the applications that are affordable and the user interface is friendly with the majority of users.

Free track app for Android that doesn't need to install target phone

I know this will make you think this is a hoax but there are cell phone provider apps that will let you track anyone you want for free. Several apps will give you the chance to track on any device of your choice and without much effort.

These free surveillance solutions ensure that you can access the target device remotely without physically touching the target device. For example, let's say the target device is Samsung. You would think that tracking on Samsung phones is difficult but you will be surprised because it stores so much. 

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If you have a Samsung account of the target device. You will be able to track on the call history, contacts, photos, videos that the target user backs up every day and they don't even know you are monitoring from afar.

You can also track through the target's email account, you as your spouse know your husband's email account and from there you can track the email messages, the pictures they take are backed up in Google Drive, Friends, Videos. The target user thinks they are backing up securely on their personal account so they won't even know that you are monitoring remotely.

Note: While these track apps help you for free, they also have very little functionality for you. If you want to know more on the target's phone then you will need track apps nowadays because it keeps track of everything on the target's phone.

The best stealth cockroach application for Android

These solutions make it possible for you to monitor an Android cell phone, also commonly known as a "track app". These apps once installed will go undetected on the apps menu and make sure you're never detected by the target user.

We have prepared a list of the best-hidden track apps for you to choose from according to your specific needs.

Can I track the target's cell phone without installing software on their phone?

With the current level of technological development, when cell phone surveillance companies are improving every day, launching track applications after they have been installed on the target device is much more difficult.

Did you know that tracking on an Android device will be very different from iPhone devices because the iPhone only requires Apple login details to gain access to the device? With Android devices, you will need to install once on the target's device to gain access to the phone and start tracking on the target user's phone.


Nowadays phone capacity is much larger than before and track apps are usually smaller than 9MB so there is no need to think about memory capacity like in the old days. Once the application installation is complete, the track app will start working in stealth mode and eliminate 100% of the chance of detection.

The app will then transmit all of the target device's data to your online dashboard. Although there are many trackware apps advertising on the Internet, we always strive to provide you with the best stealthy trackware available.

1. Copy9


3. Thetruthtrack

4. SMATrack

5. Trackzie

Here are 5 track apps that we researched and rated as a track application with stealth ability and most useful features for you.

How to read someone's text message without installing software on the target's phone?

With track apps like Copy9, you can easily read someone's default text messages or social networking apps' messages without their knowledge.

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How to monitor a spouse's phone in a simple and safe way

Would you like to keep track of your spouse's phone to see if they communicate regularly with people of the opposite sex? Copy9 track application will help you to do all this and more. With this app, you will be able to keep track of all information on their phone whether online or offline.

You can keep track of her messages, call logs, emails, location history they visited, browsing history, passwords for all of her accounts on her device, and more.

Track on a mobile phone without installing software on the target phone

Nowadays cell phone track seem to be in need of a lot of people. People have different goals and needs when it comes to tracking someone's phone.

For example, parents want to monitor their children's cell phones, to make sure they are safe from online threats from smartphones.

Just like suspicious business owners want to track employees' cell phones to make sure they don't waste time during business hours or share confidential company information with competitors.


To be able to track on someone's phone, trackware providers often require you to download and install some software on the target phone. But some phishing sites claim that it can track on the phone without having to install any software.

How to track a cell phone without installing software on the target phone? We certainly have a lot of users asking questions like this.

You can track someone's cell phone without installing software on the target phone but as a result, you fail miserably. Because when you want to track someone's phone, the track tools need to install a track app on the target's device, to start tracking on all information and data on the item's phone. pepper.

 If the apps that don't need to be installed on the target device that claims to be a good track, they are all phishing sites. They ask you to also provide information in order to steal your own information. So to get an effective result, you must download and install the surveillance software on the target's cell phone.


how can I track on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone

This is possible and is especially effective when your target is using an Apple device.

When you are using the iCloud method, you do not need to install any software on the target phone. If your target is using an iOS device, then you don't need to hold their cell phone. No physical access required to target the phone.

All you need is their Apple ID and its password. Once you have their Apple account credentials you will be logged into iCloud. You will then be able to track their cell phone locations. This feature can only help you track the target's mobile phone location on iOS.

 To track the target's Android device, you need the Copy9 track app.

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Tracking a target's cell phone running Android is a bit complicated. Unlike the way iOS devices are tracked, an Android phone cannot be monitored without the software installed on the target's device.

 In order to be able to track someone's Android cell phone, the first thing you need to do is download and install monitoring software on their phone. Don't worry too much because installing the track application is simple and quick.

Let's discuss how we can monitor someone's Android cell phone remotely without their knowledge.

How to discreetly track someone's Android cell phone

To start tracking on someone's Android cell phone, you first need to have physical access to the target device in order to be able to download and install surveillance software onto the device. Copy9 monitoring software when the installation is complete it will automatically hide from the target device.

You can have physical access to the target's device when they are away from their phone. When they take care of their kids, gardeners don't carry their phones ... you can quickly download the app and install it on their Android phone.

Once installed, you just need to press the hide app button, the track apps will almost automatically hide the app icon for you. Now the target will not be able to know the existence of a surveillance application and will continue to use the phone as usual.

The application will continue to secretly operate in the target's mobile background and continue to track phone activity. Then send the data the app has collected to your account so you can track everything remotely.

Copy9 best track app helps you to track a target Android device remotely

Here are detailed steps to guide the setup so you can monitor the target's device easily:

Step 1: Sign up for an account on the main website "here".


Step 2: Download the monitoring software from Copy9 official website.


Step 3: Install the app on the target device. How to install Copy9.


Once the application has been installed on the target's device, you can now start tracking all activities on the target's phone remotely. By logging in your online user account registered with Copy9 in step 1 and logging.

As such, the above guide proves that you need to download and install monitoring software on your Android mobile phone to get the best effect. Remember, you don't need to install software if you want to track someone's location on your iOS device.

But for Android devices, you need to have physical access to the device at least once.

Copy9 is known as the most professional and reliable Android mobile surveillance software from user reviews. This application has helped a lot of parents protect the safety of their children from the dangers of internet scammers.

Many great tracking features are provided by the Copy9 monitoring application. It can help you keep track of call logs, text messages, social networking apps messages, browsing history, location, photos, call recording, and many other basic features with Copy9 help.

 The app can also help you hack someone's WhatsApp, Facebook, and Snapchat accounts, thanks to its Keylogger feature which logs keystrokes of the target phone. It's important to note that most of these monitoring features are only compatible with Android devices.

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