How do you hack a phone? (The best free method for smartphone hacking)

You can use our advice to track the cell phones of friends, children, spouses, employees or anyone else. The obtained methods are completely free and available without any special knowledge.

Is it possible to hack someone’s cell phone? If we said that even a housewife could hack someone else's phone, we were sure many of our readers wouldn't believe us.

 However, in reality, it is true. Anyone can hack someone's phone, and you don't need any special knowledge.

There are three main ways to do it:

1: Learn the iCloud or Google account password

2: Use pre-installed applications

3: Install a special track app

The first method requires full access to the target device. The next two ways are much easier since learning passwords is quite complex.

Let's learn about each method. Hack a phone through an iCloud or Google account. Every smartphone operates on one software package. By 2021, there are two popular systems: Android; iOS.

The first software made by Google, the second OS made by Apple. There are more options, like BlackBerry, Symbian et al, but Android and iOS frame the biggest share of the market.

Both operating systems require users to set up an account. For Android, it's called a Google account, while for iOS it's called iCloud. These accounts are used for phone management, but you can use them for hacking.

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For example, through the iCloud app for Windows, you will be ready to see all the photos were taken by the target phone, further as view the situation and other data.

How to hack iCloud / Google account with Copy9

The main problem to be solved is getting the password from the account. this can be the foremost complicated part. There are only 3 ways to try to do it:

  • Ask the account owner;
  • Ask Apple customer support;
  • Bypass iCloud activation lock screen.
  • We ranked the methods in order of effectiveness.

1. Ask the account owner

The most effective method is to ask the original owner. It might seem strange, but the person might tell you the password or share access.

You can create a story like you need a password to sync or scare the person for losing all their photos and then ask for your help to create a backup. On the Internet, you can find many applications to hack iCloud accounts.

They don’t work at all. Don't trust them, as iCloud is a well-protected system and any apps without Jailbreak can't hack iCloud.

2. Ask Apple customer support

This is why this method is not as good as the first one. To make a request from Apple customer support, you should know your phone's IMEI number. You also need your phone on hand.

3. Bypass the iCloud Activation Lock Screen.

The third method is temporary and it only allows access for a while.

In 99% of cases that's not enough, which is why we recommend not wasting time on this. Hacking an account through the original owner is just one way to hack iCloud legally and easily.

Don’t trust apps that offer iCloud hacking. With Google accounts, the story is the same. However, there's otherwise.


Google accounts are used for Gmail email and you'll use several Gmail hacking methods to hack Google accounts. For example, you'll select "Forgot Password" on the login page, then follow the steps.

Some owners create a secret question that you simply can know the solution to - for instance, the name of a succour, mother's surname, etc. This will prevent the matter of Google from blocking you since you're signing in from elsewhere.

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Use a pre-installed app to hack a phone

If you’re trying to find a how-to hack smartphone without installing software on the target phone, concentrate on pre-installed apps. Every modern smartphone contains a pre-installed application that will be used for monitoring. For example: Find my iPhone; Google map; And others.

The first step is to search out the model of the target phone. The next steps rely upon the model.

If the target has an iPhone (regardless of model), you want to use the "Find My iPhone" app. If the target includes a phone on Android (e.g., Samsung S9, Huawei P20, etc.), you have got to concentrate on Google apps, like Google Maps.

These applications are pre-installed. You can use them to hack someone without installing software. This method also requires you to grasp the account password. you'll try asking the person to register to their account on your phone or computer.

For example, you may ask a target login to download the identical game he has. The target won't share the password, but in this case, it is not required.

If you utilize the identical iCloud or Google account on your device, you'll see the history of all devices using the identical account.

Use a backup feature to hack a mobile phone

Another way to hack someone is to use the backup feature. This tool comes pre-installed on every modern smartphone.

All you have got to try and do is create a backup to the cloud service. Of course, the cloud should be yours. you have got to possess the target's device in your hand and in Settings hunt for saving backups. Equipment must be connected to the Internet; otherwise, it won't work.

how can i track app cell phone

The saved backup will contain:

Contact; MESSAGE; Photos, videos, and other multimedia content.

This method doesn't offer you full permanent access to the tracking, but you'll be able to download your contact list, photos, and other content currently stored on your phone. If this information is enough for you then the backup method is the best way.

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Don't forget to alter your phone settings again so you do not show your cloud storage accounts.

How to hack a phone from another phone with apps

As we mentioned, there is no how-to hack a phone from another phone with a simple app.

Some ads are available on the Internet, but they are all scams. You cannot download magic software, install it on your own device, enter the phone number and get the results.


It doesn't work that way, and you should remember that Despite the very fact that there are no thanks to hacking a phone using hacking apps, there's still an answer.

You can use track applications. Here's a way to know almost anything about the target smartphone on Android.

For example, you'll learn about:

Location of the target phone; SMS and messages in messenger, like Viber, WhatsApp, and others; Contacts and calls; And more.

With a track app, you'll be able to even see the screen of the target device. Some apps allow taking pictures with the camera to seek out their surroundings. Sounds futile, doesn't it?

However, on an Android device, you'll download the APK file and simply install it.

You can hack an Android phone without rooting it!

As with hacking apps, there are many fraudulent offers within the trackware market, so use caution when trying to find the simplest. You can choose any of those programs. we've tested their work, each works in its own way.

How do you hack a phone? Do you want to hack someone's mobile phone but don't know how? On this page, you will find easy ways to hack the target smartphone on Android or iOS.
  • Copy9: The software is very good and easy to install and use.
  • mTrack: Easy to install and remotely monitor. It only takes less than 10 minutes to install.
  • FlexiSPY: Surveillance software that you install on your computer or mobile device.
  • Thetruthtrack: The most reliable and reliable mobile phone monitoring software.

The general functionality of the programs is the same, with the value differences and highly specialized functions. This software is paid software, but it allows you to trace most of the information from the target device and doesn't require any special knowledge.

If you are a simple person, such as a parent who is interested in their children or the employer wants to hack employees' phones, choose Copy9 to hack smartphones - download the cockroach app message. Copy9 answers the question how do you hack a phone?

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