How to hack a cell phone

There arises some times when we wish we knew what our counterpart or children were hiding, where and whom they were associating with or how to hack a cell phone. We wonder if we could see the contents of their messages, multimedia files i.e., pictures, audio files etc, contacts etc. But majority of us do not understand the complexity of hacking procedures. If the person is using an Android Smartphone, then we just need to download relevant softwares from a trusted site. It would be best to not use any third party since it could be malicious and if installed could corrupt files. There are lots of trusted sites which are providing such software for free too.

The advantages of hacking into a phone, is that we have total anonymity. The person will never realize that he/she is being hacked. We would have complete access to his mobile’s File Manager. We could also hack into the cell phone’s text messages. Hacking text messages is simple once we login to the system. The person will not be able to hide a message conversation, because even if they delete the SMS messages immediately, we can still see them on the system. The person’s mobile could be used for many purposes such as a microphone, camera to send SMS. All the files in their mobile can be downloaded by us. The person’s mobile can be hacked remotely from a secure connection. However, it is required that the person and the hacker need to remain connected to the internet during the whole process. Also we will need to know the country code and the mobile number itself.

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There are lots of companies making hacking spyware and also lots of softwares to choose and download from. One example is that of Verizon Company and its tracking apps. One of the hacking spyware used for text messages spying is “Flexispy”. It is flexible as it works on both android and iPhone. It can be used not only for receiving information but also to trace a lost or stolen mobile. Like other applications it is hidden on the phone. Another example is “iSpyoo”. The list these days is infinite.

Now, it is possible that we might be the victim of a hack too. In order to identify such a situation, there are certain signs that we could look for. The first sign would be receiving some weird texts. There might be unauthorized use of the phone. Hence it’s best to keep a proper watch on the phone records. We might also experience odd ticking or other abnormal noises. To clarify any doubts of any kind, its best to go to the professionals and get a diagnostic test done.

Now, before we start wondering how to hack a cell phone, we should realize that it does go against certain morals. The above is written for purely informative purposes and hacking should be done only when the situation really demands it.

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