How to hack a phone with a phone

You wish to seek out out what is going on on someone's Android phone, so what would you do? Asking them personally wouldn't be an option because it sounds a touch odd. How about you hacking their phone without them knowing? Is that even possible?

There are some times you've wondered the way to hack someone's Android phone or how to hack a phone with a phone. Truth be told, it's possible to hack someone's Android phone without letting them know.

Thanks to advanced technology, we are able to now use monitoring and hacking apps to trace someone's phone activity. No need to hack someone's phone manually.

You do not even have to know their phone password to hack into their device. All you wish for is an efficient and reliable hacking application that may do all the work for you.

Different Types of Android Hack Tools

Different types of Android hacking tools are available within the market. Some companies offer Android hacking tools at no cost while some offer paid or premium plans. The thing is, you'll be able to use the free trial versions to induce a basic understanding of how the tool works.

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To benefit from important monitoring features, it's recommended to use the paid or premium version provided by most of the businesses that provide Android hacking solutions.

Also, you would like to use caution with bogus and pretend Android hacking solutions as they will contain malicious viruses or harmful. 

How to hack a phone with a phone?

How to hack a phone with a phone? Basically, there are two methods during which you hack one Android phone with another Android phone. One is to use a third-party monitoring or hacking application like Copy9 and therefore the other is to use remote screen.

However, the subsequent method to hack someone's Android phone isn't recommended because of the subsequent reasons:

Target device users will easily discover that a foreign screen-sharing app has been deployed on their device because those apps don't seem to be hidden on the target device. This method won't provide discrete operations when employing a screen-sharing application.

This is why we recommend employing a third-party app like Copy9 because it may be a far better option in such a case. With the assistance of a monitoring app, you'll individually track someone's Android activity without prompting them.

How to Hack Android Phone Without Them Knowing?

Surveillance apps like Copy9 facilitate your hacking someone's Android phone without their knowledge. This suggests you'll be able to deploy a surveillance app on someone's phone to trace their online activities without fear of getting caught.

Applications like Copy9 provide monitoring features with complete hiding. The target device user won't be ready to comprehend a monitoring app is installed.

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Using a monitoring app is sort of useful because it doesn't create any conflict between the one that wants to follow another and therefore the person whose activity is being tracked. For instance, a parent can easily track their child's Android device without their knowledge employing a monitoring app and won't worry about the kid finding the app and getting annoyed about it.

Some of the monitoring features provided by Copy9 are often wont to gain insight into a target person's Android device. For instance, you'll be able to track their incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages and emails. you'll also track their browsing history and social media activity.

Location tracking, Ambient recording and logging are a number of the opposite important monitoring features offered by Copy9.

How to Hack an Android Phone Connected on The Same WIFI Router?

Copy9 also works if you would like to find out the way to hack an Android phone connected to an identical WIFI router. For this, you would like to form sure that your device and also the target's device are connected to the identical WIFI connection.

When both devices are connected to the identical WIFI router, you'll be able to easily monitor the target device. The great news is that additionally to functioning on Android, Copy9 works on other leading platforms including iOS, Windows, and Mac.

People who want you to hack someone's Windows computer or iPhone device may also get pleasure from the monitoring features provided by Copy9 because it supports all operating systems and platforms.

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How to Carry Out Android Hack with Copy9

Stealing Android phone data just got easier with Copy9. This Android hacking app allows you to interrupt someone's device without prompting them. The app remains undetected on the target device, allowing you to secretly track all their activities.

Using Copy9 is admittedly easy. Even people with no technical knowledge can operate this surveillance application. All you wish to try to do is register for an account with Copy9 for your online dashboard.

Then, download and install the Copy9 monitoring app on the target device. Now, here's the thing. Settings work differently on Android and iOS devices.


If your audience is using an Android device, you will need physical access to their device so as to be ready to install monitoring apps on the device. The installation will only take some minutes.

Meanwhile, for iOS devices, no physical access is required in the slightest degree. Only the target person's iTunes credentials are enough to hack their iOS device. With Copy9, there's also no need to root or jailbreak the target device.

how to download copy9

What are you waiting for? Get Copy9 straight away and begin hacking someone's Android phone.

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