How to hack a smartphone without a phone for free 2021

Two things destroy a relationship faster; infidelity and lack of trust. If you're feeling your husband is cheating on you, the trust is going to be eroded from your relationship. Many relationships are destroyed by these two vices.

To save your marriage, you would possibly want to stay a tab on your husband. With this, you’ll know immediately when he starts to cheat and you'll be able to call him to order. How does one keep a tab on your man? you'll do that by tracking on his text messages.

We know the subsequent question on your mind! How to hack a smartphone husband’s cellular phone text messages without his phone free. Read on to be told more.

Part 1: Copy9 -The Best Track App to Track Husband’s Text Messages

Have you heard of the highest track app, Copy9? you will have heard of this name. during this post, you'll learn everything you wish to understand about the app.


Copy9 gives you access to any or all data on your spouse's mobile device, including his text messages. With this, you'll easily tell if your husband is cheating on you or not. Get right into details of this track app!

1. Why Choose Copy9 to Track your Husband’s Text Messages

If you're conversant in track application technology, you may know that there are many applications on the market. Choosing the one that most accurately fits your needs are often a bit tricky since many of them are practically identical. However, we've selected the simplest tool to assist you to retain track of your husband's text messages and more.

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There are many reasons why we recommend using Copy9. We'll highlight a number of these reasons during this post.

Compatible with iOS and Android

The Copy9 app works easily with iOS and Android devices. It doesn't require you to jailbreak or root the target device to use the text message track feature. You furthermore might don't need any technical experience to use the app. Anyone can use it simply.

Reputable and Reliable

Copy9 user base is proof of this. With uncountable satisfied users from over 190 countries, it's clear Copy9  has done an honest job at tracking. The app has also received recognition from the media and tech community. These include Android Authority, Forbes, PCMag, CNET, Life Wire, and geek blog.

100% Stealth Mode

When you think about an agent, Copy9 should think. This app works in stealth mode and also the target cannot find it on their device. It works within the background and doesn't affect the optimal performance of the target device. It doesn't take up memory space or drain the phone battery.

Over 35 Features

Copy9 has many features; 35 of them to be exact. it is the perfect track to trace your husband's text messages without his phone at no cost. The simplest part is that it does plenty of quite track text messages. It also allows you to view your husband's social media accounts and call logs on his phone.

Web-Based Interface

You are not required to download any of the apps on your device to access your husband's text messages and other data. You'll log in to your Copy9  dashboard from any application program on your PC or phone. it is simple to use and extremely seamless in navigating through menus.

Safe and Secure

Copy9 is safe and secure. So there is not any reason to fret about unwanted access to your spouse's device. Not even Copy9 employees have access to information passed from your spouse's device to your dashboard. Only you have got access and no third party will.

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Excellent Support Service

Copy9 doesn't leave you alone after purchasing the subscription. you'll be able to contact customer support at any time. If you wish any help using your app otherwise you have any technical problems, they'll be here to assist. Everything you wish for a seamless experience with the app is obtainable to you.

These are some great reasons why we recommend using the Copy9 app to stay track of your husband's text messages. As mentioned above, it is not almost tracking on your husband's text messages.

2. What Other Things Can Copy9 Do?

Copy9 is the perfect track tool to stay track of your husband's text messaging activities. It allows you to trace incoming and outgoing text messages on your device. If he wants to play smart and delete some hinting messages, Copy9 will get everything back for you. Other stuff you can expect from the app include:

Phone Call Track

Copy9 allows you to look at call logs on your husband's device. you may be able to see his outgoing, incoming, and missed calls. You'll need access to the contact details, including the date and timestamp of the calls.


Social Media Track

You will even have access to any or all of your husband's social media accounts. You'll have access to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, iMessage, and more. Copy9 allows you to look at all posts, shared media, private messages, and more across these platforms.

GPS Location Tracking

With Copy9, you'll track your husband's location. you'll know where he's whenever. When he tries to stagnate his position, you'll be able to easily be told the reality. Copy9 also allows you to line geofencing, and you may get a notification if the target device crosses restricted areas.

Installed Apps and Web Browser History Tracking

What apps are on your husband's device? Is he browsing dating sites or another funny website? Does he have a dating app on his device? Copy9 gives you access to all or any of those. You'll know the websites he's visiting and also the apps he's using on his device.

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Camera Tracking

What quiet pictures is your husband taking and to who is he sending them? Copy9 will offer you access to all or any details through your dashboard. You'll be able to see all the photos he takes and who he sends them to. You'll also see his photo and video media files and also the form of media he gets.

how can i track app cell phone

There is such a lot more thereto than that you simply get with Copy9. it's inconceivable to list all features but you'll find everything on the official website of the applying. With Copy9, you'll even be able to read your husband's email, access his username and password through Keylogger features, and more. 

Part 2: How to Hack a smartphone Your Husband’s

This is the crux of the matter. Interestingly, it's very simple. The first thing is to enable Copy9 on your husband's device. Follow these easy easy steps to start the process:

how to download copy9
  • Create a free Copy9 account on the official website.
  • Select the operating system of the target device; Android or iOS. Select the subscription-based on the device you want to track on.
  • Follow the setup instructions sent to your inbox to complete the activation process.
  • Sign in to your Copy9 dashboard with the email and password you used to create your account
  • Find a text message on the menu and click on it. From here, you'll see all the text messages sent and received on your husband's device.

If your husband is on an Android device, you need to have a 2MB app installed on his phone. It takes a touch of time to finish the installation. Once installed, the app disappears and starts working within the background without being detected. Note that Copy9 works with Android OS4 and above.

The IOS version doesn't require installation. However, you must have the iCloud credentials of your husband's iOS device to complete the activation process. Provide insights when prompted, and as soon as it's verified you'll be able to start tracking your husband's text messages.


You can start with Copy9 to start tracking your husband's text messages. It's easy and simple to set up and you don't need any special experience or skills. You can find more details about how to hack a smartphone on the official website. 

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