How to Hack Facebook Account Just by Knowing Phone Number

The free Facebook hack software is one of the great needs on the Internet today when more and more social network users.

It's hard to know how - how to hack a Facebook account or Messenger app's voicemail. However, researchers have found a solution that can help you hack Facebook account passwords with just the target's phone number and install a track app on the target device.

A target's Facebook profile is always vulnerable, no matter how strong their password settings are or how much 2-layer security they have implemented. This Copy9 track app can all help you to get the password. This is the truth!

Once you install the Copy9 track app and the target device according to the website's installation instructions, you can start hacking their Facebook and other personal accounts in silence.

How to hack fb account free

Weaknesses in part of the SS7 global telecommunications network not only allow hackers and track.  Agencies to listen in on individual phone calls and intercept SMS on a potentially large scale . But also let them take over accounts. social network to which you have provided your phone number.

Here is an outdated technique that other websites teach you to hack your Facebook password: “SS7 is a mobile phone signaling protocol being used by more than 800 telecommunications.  Operators worldwide to exchange communications with each other Pay through service providers. Enable roaming and other features. So malicious hackers can trick SS7 into redirecting text messages and calls to their devices. All they need is the target's phone number and some details about the target's equipment to initiate silent tracking."

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Researchers from Copy9 have found a completely new Facebook password hack solution, which you can see below.

Here's how to hack any Facebook account:

First, you need to download the Copy9 track app from their official website. Then install to the target device when having permission to touch the target's phone for about 2 minutes.

how to download copy9

After successfully installing the application on the target device, it is considered that you have completed 50% of the free Facebook account password hack step.

Next step you need to click the button "Forgot account?" link on the homepage to reset your desired password. Now, Facebook will ask you to provide the phone number or email address of the target account.

You need to provide the phone number they have registered with Facebook (Usually their official phone number).

After that, Facebook will automatically send a confirmation code requesting a new password change to the phone number of the target user you just entered. This is where the Copy9 app shows off its hacking abilities.

When the confirmation code message has just been sent to the target's phone, the Copy9 application will silently get a new message from Facebook (which includes the confirmation code to change the new password).

When the Copy9 track application gets the code, it will quickly send it to the server and you only need to log in to the account you have registered on the Copy9 application. From the website Cpanel you can see the Facebook code and fill in the Facebook confirmation box to start entering the new password you want.

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How to hack someones facebook for free no surveys

Once you have successfully changed the password, remember to re-login the password on the target device so that they do not know that you have just changed their Facebook password.

Now you just need to log in to your target's Facebook account to your phone to start tracking messages of your Messenger conversations or your target's activities on Facebook.

In addition, the Copy9 track application also supports you to hack many other things as follows:

  • Hack Phone call history.
  • The target user's moving location history.
  • Hack all images in the target user's device.
  • You can also listen to your target's surroundings to see what they're doing and who they're talking to while you're not around with the (Ambient Recording) function.

However, to use all the great features of the Copy9 track application, you need to upgrade your account to the gold package to use all the features it brings. This is the top track app for hacking Facebook account that we can recommend to you.

"As an extra precaution, we recommend enabling two-factor authentication, called Login Approval, in your Facebook security settings. Doing this will disable SMS recovery. on your account, so even if someone has your phone number, they still need your password to access your account."

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