How to hack Facebook messages without password

Nowadays, social media networks are the rage, and virtually everyone has an account on one or more of them. Facebook has risen to become the most popular social networking site in the world, with the most users. 

Since its inception, Facebook has attracted millions of members worldwide. Using Facebook offers a lot of advantages, such as social networking, advertising, disseminating important information, interacting with old and new acquaintances, and so on.

For example, you may decide to innocently monitor your child to see what he or she is typing in his or her conversations, or worse, you may want to know if your daughter is promiscuous, and if you are having an affair, you may want to see if your partner is cheating on you, or you may want to catch a cheating partner red-handed.

There is good news if you have such plans and want to understand how to hack Facebook messages without a password. That is, you can access someone else's Facebook account even if you don't know their password. So, keep reading to find out the best solution to this problem.

Part 1: Using Copy9, you can hack Facebook messages without entering a password

Hacking Facebook messages used to appear to be a very tough process, especially if you are not a hacker. However, in this day and age, Copy9 has made hacking Facebook messages a breeze.

You can hack a Facebook account without a password if you understand the basics of Facebook.

Copy9 is a website and app-based tracking tool that is specifically developed for monitoring spouses, employees, and children. Copy9 has the ability to work on the target account invisibly. You don't need to know the target account's password.

Why Use Copy9:

  • Unlike many other tracking programs on the market, Copy9 is extremely simple to use.
  • Copy9 is an all-in-one surveillance program that may be used by anybody – parents, employers, or for tracking purposes in a relationship.
  • It is compatible with virtually all Android and iOS smartphones.
  • Aside from hacking Facebook, it has a lot of other cool functions.
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Here is how to hack Facebook messages without password using Copy9:

The initial step in using Copy9 is to create a Copy9 account. Account creation is free, but free accounts have restricted functionality. As a result, if you want to get the most out of your Copy9 software, you should upgrade your free account to a premium account. This allows you complete access to someone else's Facebook account.

how to download copy9

To register, simply go to the Copy9 website and finish the account creation procedure by following all of the steps outlined in the control panel.

After you've completed the Copy9 account creation procedure, the following step is to link the target phone. Remember that you must have a premium account to access this feature.

You may choose whether or not to install the control panel app on your own smartphone. After logging in, the setup wizard appears, prompting you to provide your personal name and the target's name. Next, select the appropriate operating system for the target.

If your target phone is an Android device, you must download, install, and activate the monitoring app on it.

Follow all of the on-screen instructions to conceal the symbol and begin monitoring.

Return to your dashboard to continue monitoring the target phone, including the Facebook messages.

You do not need to install any apps on your target phone if it is an iOS device. However, on the resulting page, you must enter both the target's iCloud account ID and password. After successfully login into the iCloud account, return to your dashboard to watch the target phone.

After syncing, you should be able to view data from the target device in your control panel/dashboard within a few minutes. The most recent data from the target phone should be sent to your Copy9 account every time you check in. 


Please keep in mind that if the target phone is switched off or has no internet connection, the most recent messages will not be delivered to your dashboard.

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If the target device has either Facebook Messenger or the Facebook app installed, simply open the app and you will be able to see all of the Facebook messages sent or received through the Facebook account. You will be able to easily trace all Facebook messages on the target device.

Part 2: Additional Ways to Hack Facebook Messages Without a Password

If you do not wish to utilize the Copy9 monitoring program, there are other ways to hack someone's Facebook messages without knowing their password. Among these approaches are:

1. Phishing

Phishing is the process of building a phony Facebook webpage in order to fool the target into giving his or her login information to the track. It is used to acquire credential info from targets, however it is not always efficient. 

This approach also allows you to hack Facebook messages without a password, but it takes extensive web programming skills, which a nosy mother or spouse would lack.


  • It is completely free.
  • Physical access to the victim's computer or device is not required.


  • It necessitates familiarity with the internet.
  • Many consumers are aware of such frauds.

If the victim uses two-factor authentication, you cannot use the obtained password to access the victim's Facebook account from another device.

2. Keylogging

This approach is more successful than phishing, but it needs the physical installation of software that records/logs keystrokes on the victim's device in real-time, allowing you to obtain the victim's login information. Trackrix free keylogger is a well-known keylogger.

All you have to do is install the program on the victim's device. The software records every word typed on a keyboard, saves a list of applications used, and takes screenshots at regular intervals.

To obtain the Facebook login credentials, you would need to regain access to the device.

Trackrix free keylogger Pros may be used to hack Facebook passwords

  • Get passwords for all of your social media accounts, not just Facebook.
  • There is no requirement for internet connectivity.
  • It is only compatible with Windows PCs.
  • At least twice, you must have physical access to the victim's device.

If the victim uses two-factor authentication, you cannot use the obtained password to access the victim's Facebook account from another device.

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3. FlexiTrack

FlexiTrack is a track software for Facebook Messenger. This approach is both simple and effective. It is used by individuals who are not technologically adept.

It is user-friendly and simple to install and configure. It works on both mobile and desktop platforms, and all you need to do is install it on the victim's device.

You have access to the victim's Facebook messages and other sensitive information once installed.


  • Installation is simple, and assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Not only does it follow Facebook, but it also tracks all of the phone's activities, including GPS position tracking, a mobile keylogger, browser history, and 25 more functions.
  • Keep an eye on all popular messengers.
  • View Facebook messages that have been sent, received, and even deleted.


  • It's a little pricey.

4. Facebook hacking tool HoverWatch

HoverWatch's functionality and interface are quite similar to Copy9. In fact, they function virtually identically. One distinction is that HoverWatch provides a free trial time for users to test the software.

HoverWatch Facebook Hacking Tool Facebook Hacking Tool Pros

  • Obtain passwords for all social media accounts, not just Facebook.
  • It is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices.
  • Allows for searching and filtering.


  • To install the monitoring app, you must have physical access to the victim's device or have access to the victim's iCloud information.
  • It is not for free.

5. Facebook password decryptor

If the victim has the login information saved on his or her browser, this software is quite handy. It does not require internet connectivity; simply install and run this free software on the victim's smartphone.

It identifies Facebook passwords saved on the browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, and so on. You would soon receive the login information required to view the victim's Facebook messages.


  • There is no need for internet access because it is free.
  • Obtain passwords for browser-saved accounts.


  • It is only compatible with Windows PCs.
  • Physical access to the victim's device is required, as well as enough time to install and launch the program.
  • If the victim uses two-factor authentication, you cannot use the obtained password to access the victim's Facebook account from another device.

If you attentively read the preceding post, you would have discovered the greatest solution for hacking Facebook messages without a password. Some useful techniques have already been explored, but Copy9 is up to the challenge, making it easier than ever to hack Facebook messages.

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