How to Hack Facebook Password by Mobile: Step-By-Step

Hacking one’s Facebook account with the assistance of an itinerant is that the easiest way to retrieve all necessary personal information about your children or partner. With only 1 click on the button, a user is going to be ready to read the full Facebook message history or comments. 

The sole thing you've got to try and do is to shop for and install a selected Android or iOS hacking app. this can be a simple thanks to hack Facebook account from mobiles.

Facebook accounts are the target of the many hackers because of several reasons. Being the foremost widespread social network, it contains complete data on many celebrities and other authorities.

Its developers attempt to guarantee full security to any or all users, but mobile developers and hackers are always one leap forward.

Easy thanks to Hack Facebook Account From Mobile

An easy thanks to hack Facebook account from mobile is to let the target enter his or her login and password on your device. So, you'll be able to store this information in memory.

To hack a Facebook account with a mobile, you ought to install special software on the portable, → enter the signaling as a login to interrupt into a Facebook account.

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There are a pair of scenarios to hack into someone’s Facebook account employing a mobile device:

  1. Forgot/Reset password methods – you would like a password to commit any actions with the target Facebook account.
  2. With the assistance of tracking apps – you’ll physically access a target device a minimum of once to be ready to retrieve and observe personal information.

Below, we'll give step-by-step instructions on the way to do this without wasting much time.

How to Hack Facebook With the Help of a Mobile Device for Free

  • Log into Facebook and click on the Forgotten Password

  • Find the account in FB, fill in your full name, and contact information
  • Confirm your account
  • Check email box and enter the confirmation code

Once you entered the code, you’ll be able to change or keep the same password and hack into Facebook account

How to Hack Facebook Account without Password

You don’t have to be a cool hacker to regulate all the activities of your target object. Just install special Software on the phone of the person you’d wish to track and control all his/her activities remotely.

Using Copy9, you'll get all the mandatory information and be happy from worries that somebody will understand about this. It’s an invisible program that helps to observe everything the owner of the movable does.

How to Hack Facebook on Android

Nothing is more accessible than that. There are several easy steps to do:

  • Download Copy9 software;
  • Follow the instructions to put in it at the target device;
  • Log in to trace all the activities remotely.
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Here may be a more detailed guide on a way to set Copy9 on Android:

How to really hack Facebook

If you're looking for a way to track on someone's Facebook account in a minute without the strategy of entering easy-to-remember passwords, this is the guide for you.

To do so, you need to use a remote target device monitoring tool, such as Copy9. This is how you can view account information and data from someone's Facebook account with the help of track app:

Sign Up - Visit Copy9 official website to create an account. Follow the company's registration instructions and provide correct information to complete the registration process.

how to download copy9

Install Copy9 application - After successfully registering an account, you can start downloading the APK file of Copy9 application here. The Copy9 app works well on all devices running android 6 and above operating system.

Start monitoring - After you have successfully installed the application to the target device. Now you just need to log in the account you registered in step 1 to Copy9 Cpanel and start tracking the target's device remotely easily. 


The application always works secretly in the background without the target user knowing it exists in their phone. You can monitor everything a person does on their Facebook account including Call History, Contacts, Photos...

Highlights of this method:

- Doesn't require you to be as good as a real hacker.

- This is a quick way to find a Facebook account and hack Facebook.

- The application always works invisibly.

- The app allows you to try 2 days for free.

Disadvantages of this method:

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- You need to have physical access to the target device at least once.

- If the phone owner changes their phone, you will have to reinstall the Copy9 app.

- The best application should have a slightly high selling price.

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