How to hack into a phone-free to Catch a Cheating Spouse

If you're thinking that your spouse is cheating, you'll be told in time and protect your relationship. You must not lose a relationship you nurtured. Once you recognize your mate is cheating, you'll overcome it from the beginning and save your relationship. Whether or not you've got to behave, it won't surprise you.

So, how to hack into a phone? to urge started, take a look at this post to urge a free Android track app to catch spouse cheating. There are track apps to assist you to catch your spouse cheating.

How to hack into a phone 

1. Copy9: The Best Free Android Track App

First on our list of the most effective Android track apps is Copy9. We've chosen this app because of the best choice for a range of reasons. For starters, the app comes with over 35 features allowing you to access complete data on your target device.

Any information you'll think about trying to find from your spouse, Copy9 will provide you with. The best part is you do not have to root your spouse's Android phone. This is often a sophisticated feature that a lot of track apps do not have.

With Copy9, you do not need any experience. If all you recognize about tech is take a look at your social media channels and browse, you will be able to use Copy9 with ease.

Copy9 has voluminous users in over 190 countries around the world. it's also been introduced across a large range of technology and media platforms. Chief among these are Forbes, CNET, Android Authority, iGeekBlog, and Life Wire.

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Exceptional Features of Copy9 Track App

The Copy9 app is designed to give you absolute access to the target device. So what is Copy9 giving you access to your spouse's device?

Call Logs Tracking

Who is your spouse reproof on the phone? No guesswork required. Copy9 will get the small print for you. This is often one of every of the app's most notable features. It keeps a comprehensive record of all calls made and received on the target device.

This includes caller identity, call duration, and timestamp. You'll be able to also access recorded calls to determine the subject of the discussion. With this, you may know obviously if your spouse is cheating on you.


Social Media Apps Tracking

You will find enough evidence of your spouse cheating on social media. Copy9 grants you access to your spouse's social media accounts. This suggests you'll have access to their WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, and Snapchat, among others. you may be ready to see their private posts and chats

Location Tracker

With Copy9, you will know your spouse's real-time location. If they confirm they are in the office, you will be able to verify if they are telling the truth. You can set a geo-zoning alert, which will notify you when your spouse crosses the specified boundary.


This is a sophisticated feature that records every keystroke on your spouse's phone. This includes the messages they type, web searches, usernames, and passwords of assorted social media platforms. You may be ready to see all of those and if you would like, you'll be able to log into your account for more information.

How does the Copy9 App work?

These are just some features of Copy9. Remember that you simply don't have to root the target device to access all of its features. The app works in stealth mode, so you do not need to worry about getting caught. It is also web-based, which suggests you'll access your Copy9 dashboard from any application program.

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To activate Copy9 on your spouse's device, you would like to download the 2MB app. After you put it in, it'll disappear from the apps menu. This prevents you from seeing the app on the target device. It also doesn't take up memory space or drain the phone's battery.

There are many things you can do with Copy9 but thanks to space constraints, we can't be able to cover them all. You'll also find more detailed information about the app's features by visiting the official Copy9 website. So, let's take a glance at 5 other best track apps to catch your spouse cheating.

2. Trackine

Trackine could be a great track application for Android devices. It's many features that may make it easy to catch your cheating spouse. It gives you access to social media handles, text messages, call logs, location, and more. of your spouse.

Trackine also doesn't require you to root the target Android device. It works in stealth mode so it can't be detected on the target device. It also features Keylogger, which allows you to access any keystroke used on the target device.

3. Mintrack

Mintrack is another reputable track app that falls in our category of best free Android track apps for catching a cheating mate. This tool also doesn't require you to root the target Android device. However, it's more targeted to oldsters who want to trace their child's online activity.

It's also great for tracking on a cheating husband. Mintrack allows you to access your spouse's social media accounts, call logs, location, application program history, and more. It also incorporates a lot of users and has been positively rated by the tech industry.

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4. Trackic

Trackic is another great free Android track app that you just can use to catch your cheating mate. This can be a web-based application, which implies you'll access your account through any application program. it's a number of features, including social media app tracking, call tracking, and text message tracking.

With Trackic, you do not need to worry about rooting the target Android device. It acts as a detective, meaning you cannot get caught tracking on your spouse's device. Trackic is safe and secure, meaning there is no need to worry about malware or viruses. It's a good app that may do an honest job of keeping track of your spouse.

5. Cocotrack

Cocotrack is another best phone track app. you do not have to root the target Android device and it's web-based. With ample users around the world, Cocotrack could be a great track app you'll trust too. It allows you to access all data on your spouse's device.

With Cocotrack, you will be able to view your spouse's social networking apps, including WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. It also allows you to access call logs, text messages, location, application program history, and more. You'll find more information about the app's features on the official website.

6. Guesttrack

This is another Android track app that can be considered to catch your cheating mate. It has some features but more basic than the five mentioned above. Guesttrack gives you access to your social networking accounts, call logs, and your spouse's location. However, it does require you to root the target device.

Final Thoughts

There are many things to think about when choosing a track app, including features, price, functionality, and more. Very few applications provide these parameters, and Copy9 is one of them.

We also want to recommend others. However, if you do not have root experience, we recommend that you disable the Guesttrack app. Good luck with your Android track mission! Leave a comment if you know how to hack into a phone more.

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