How to ROOT device to spy Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Skype

I/ To spy Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Skype


  • ROOT device for Android phones.
  • You must Grant access SuperUser for Copy9, when installing Copy9 (System Service) on Target Phone.


More info How to Install Copy9 on Android Phones

II/ How can I tell if my Android phone is rooted or not?

This is a common question we hear from parents and employers who want added functionality with our software on their Android. Often, there is no apparent indication that an Android device has root access. There are no blinking lights, no labels anywhere, nothing to tell us whether or not an Android has root access.

In the right circumstances, an Android phone could be rooted in about 15 minutes. If you give an Android phone to a child or employee to use, they may root the device to run some fancy program. Maybe the phone was left unattended for some time and you just don’t know if someone rooted the device without your knowing.

You may not know how to tell if an Android phone is rooted yet. In this article, we’ll tell you how to check whether or not your Android device has root access.

III/ So, does my Android have root access?

1/ Check the applications

In the process of rooting the Android, an application called “SuperUser” or “SU” is often (but not always) installed. This is the program that will determine if certain “superuser” commands are allowed to be used. If you see a superuser program installed, then it is most likely rooted.


 2/ Using app checked ROOT on Google Play

if you’re still unsure, you will want to use an app to verify if the phone has root access. Root Checker Basic is a free app from the Play Store or app market that will tell you whether or not the phone has root access.

IV/ You want ROOT device to spy Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Skype

You can find more information to ROOT device at XDA forum.

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