How to See Your Kids iMessages Without Them Knowing

Do you recall the days when people communicated through landline phones? You had to make a call ahead of time to ensure that the person you were phoning was home. Or you had to phone several times before someone picked up.

Today, however, it is much easier to contact someone. You are free to call anyone, even if they are not at home. You can even skip the voice conversation entirely and contact them for an immediate response.

In reality, most individuals nowadays prefer to interact through texting programs like iMessage. Texting allows you to communicate with someone even if both of you are occupied. In many ways, text messages allow you to conduct more meaningful conversations than you might on a phone call.

Stats and Numbers on the Popularity of iMessages

iMessage is an instant messaging service established by Apple Inc. that is only available on Apple devices. It was released in 2011 and quickly gained popularity among macOS, iOS, iPad, and watch OS users.

Here are a few iPhone text message stats you might not have known:

It is estimated that there are approximately 1.3 billion active users globally for iMessage.

The number of iMessage users in the United States is increasing, since more consumers prefer iMessage to other communicators.

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iMessage is only available on the Apple operating system and is incompatible with Android and Windows. This implies you won't be able to use iMessage unless you have an Apple ID.

The Danger of Using iMessages

Although Apple systems are thought to be safe and secure, recent study from a team at Johns Hopkins University indicates the reverse. Apple's iMessage has serious issues with its current encryption, which puts the program vulnerable to retroactive decoding assaults.

This is risky for iMessage users because such assaults can reveal the contents of all the victim's previous messages, including personal information and payment card information.

One of the researchers who contributed to the report's creation conducted:

“Our analysis reveals that iMessage contains severe flaws that a skilled attacker can exploit. We describe a novel selected ciphertext attack on Huffman compressed data that enables retroactive decryption of some iMessage payloads in fewer than 218 queries. 

The practical implication of these attacks is that any person with access to iMessage ciphertexts might potentially decipher them remotely and after the fact.”

This means that if you submit your personal information to someone, a skilled scammer can take your information. In addition, your loved ones may become prey to online predators or catfishers. So you can learn how to hack iMessages without them knowing and keep folks you care about out of danger online.

Three Methods for Reading Someone's iMessages Online

1. Obtaining Someone's iMessages Using an iTunes Backup

If you need to read someone's iMessages online right away, you can use an iCloud backup extractor. It allows you to view the backed-up data, including text messages, on another person's iPhone. Because Apple encourages regular backups, you're likely to get the most up-to-date data.

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To intercept another person's iMessages using the backup, follow these steps:

1: Get and install an extractor (it can be any app you like).

2: Open the app and select Recover from iTunes (or whatever the button in the app is named). Then press the Start button.

3: Choose the type of data you want to see. It's iMessage in your instance.

4: Begin scanning the data source. When the process is finished, you will be able to read another person's iMessages.

2. Viewing iMessages using Someone Else's Apple ID

You might know the Apple credentials of the person you want to watch if you're close enough to them. If this is the case, you can surreptitiously log into someone's iMessage and read their messages without them knowing.

Here's how you can go about it:

1: Sign in to iCloud with the Apple ID and password of the person whose iMessage you wish to read.

2: Access and read their iMessages.

3: If you discover evidence of abuse or dishonesty, take screenshots and save them on your phone.

3. Using a Parental Control App to Intercept iMessages

If you want to access someone’s iMessages secretly and remotely, we recommend that you try a parental control app.  A monitoring program, such as Copy9, can assist you in intercepting text messages from another iPhone without the recipient's knowledge.

To set up Copy9 and read someone's iMessages, simply follow these simple steps:

1: Sign up for an account at

2: Select a subscription that is compatible with iOS devices.

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3: Check your inbox for an email from Copy9 once your transaction has been validated. Follow the instructions in the email for installation.

4: Install Copy9 on the iPhone of the person you wish to track on.

5: Log in to your Copy9 dashboard, connect the target phone, and watch iMessages in real time.

The Copy9 parental control program is much more than just a text message interceptor. The program can listen in on other people's phone calls, social media apps, geolocation, media files, and calendars. It also includes a screen recorder and keylogger for sophisticated user surveillance.

Final Thoughts on Receiving Someone's iMessages

Although the two procedures discussed above may be suitable for you, they have significant downsides.

The person you're after is likely to discover that you exploited their Apple credentials to gain access to their confidential info. Obviously, this will irritate them, maybe jeopardizing your relationship.

If you employ a third-party extractor, make sure it won't harm the phone you're monitoring. At first appearance, an iCloud backup software may appear to be a fantastic idea. However, many are created by scammers who only want to steal your personal information.

If you wish to see another person's iMessages safely and surreptitiously, a parental control app like Copy9 is ideal.

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