How to track someone’s phone with mobile tracker?

Mobile phones have become essential part of our lives. Most of the people do not go anywhere without a phone. Some of them do not even let the phone out of their site. That’s why if you want to keep an eye one someone, tracking their phone is the best option. It can be used to make sure that your kid is safe or to see if your partner is where she says she is. A mobile tracker with location will tell you all you need to know about a person. But the biggest question here is how to use mobile tracker. Most people do not possess any technical skills in this field and thus avoid using any such app. However, not skills are required for using a tracker. It is extremely easy to use and anyone with just a little experience with smartphone and internet can do it. If you fulfill this criterion, read the info given below.

There is an app can help you to get information of someone’s phone, it called Copy9 – Mobile Tracker App. You can see more features Copy9 and install Copy9 is very simple.

There are several mobile tracker apps available in the market today. For using one, the first step is to select the right app. You should start by deciding whether you want a web based or a smartphone based app. The answer to this simply depends on whether you have easy access to computer or phone. If both the options are equally easy for you select a mobile based tracker. It is more convenient and allows you to track a phone on the go. Once you take the decision, take a look at all the options available for you in that category. A simple Google search will give you the answer. You can then compare the different apps and read their reviews to select the right one. When you have the best mobile tracker, you can finally start using it for whatever you want.


You should get a file of the tracker after downloading it. This file will have to be installed on the target phone. You can just borrow the phone to make a call or send a text. When you get the chance, install it and leave no trace behind. The user will not be able to see the app in the menu, so there is nothing to worry about. After the installation, you can get to the web login you got with the tracker and get the location instantly. In the more advanced apps, you can even see texts and call records in your web login. Besides that, social media activity and web browsing history have also become essential nowadays. So, getting that data is also helpful.

If you do not want to track just one phone at all times and instead get location of different numbers, you should use a more versatile tracker tool. Such trackers are easily available on the internet. Whether you want a mobile number tracker in any where or a mobile network tracker India, you can get the info. Both free and paid tools are available for this function. The free ones however are not very accurate.

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