5 Ways to Know if Your Phone Has Been Hacked (2018 Proven Tips)

It is probably safe to say that the most valuable possession that most people own these days is their cell phone. This not only is their source for most of the communication that is involved in their life today, whether it is by text messages, messenger programs, social media, emails, or Skype, but is also their calendar, personal Rolodex, and much more. It is as valuable in terms of its information as anything a person owns.

Obviously, when there is that much information available there are going to be those who are going to look to find vulnerabilities so that they can get into your phone and find information for themselves. They want to steal your account information, your access into social media, and the names and email addresses of your friends, family, and coworkers. This can all be done by hacking into your phone.

The problem is that the vast majority of people have no idea that someone has gained access to their phone. This is often done through covert programs and applications that are geared towards stealing your information and giving it to others. This may make you wonder how to tell if your phone has been hacked?

1. Track Apps - Ways to know if your phone is hacked

Before specifically discussing how to know if your phone is hacked, it makes sense to get into the different ways that this is even possible

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There are several different applications out there, known as track apps, they give a person the ability to see virtually everything you do on your phone, including: 

  • Reading your text messages
  • Hearing your phone calls
  • Knowing your exact location.
  • And more...

This is why it is essential that you understand what you need to do. Track apps are available in all of the different app stores, which makes it extremely easy for them to get on your phone

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There are ways to protect yourself:

  1. You should never let someone physically have possession of your phone.
  2. The primary way for a person to get a track app onto your phone is through them installing the program on your device.
  3. Keep your phone with you at all times and choose a code that makes it difficult for people to get into your phone.

It is also important that you regularly go through the applications on your phone. While some of these can be hidden, most are visible either through the processes or by viewing the application list itself.

  • It is a good idea if you have an android device that you get of mobile security app that will detect malicious programs like this.
  • If you have an iPhone, don’t allow it to be jailbroken. This will help you to find this as well.

2. Phishing Using Messages

To stop this from occurring:

  • It is always a good idea to recognize, and to never open attachments from people you don’t know.
  • If you are receiving something from someone that you know and don’t expect something from them, check with them first before opening the message.
  • Sometimes people have their accounts hacked and so it pays to check and make sure with them first.

3. SS7 Phone Vulnerabilities

It was discovered about two years ago that there is a vulnerability in mobile networks throughout the world, referred to as SS7

That allows hackers to be able to look at your:

  • Phone calls ( call logs, contact list, and recording calls)
  • Read your text messages
  • Track GPS locations without you knowing
  • And some additional kinds of information and all they need is your mobile phone number.

This may not seem like a big deal if you are a person who hasn’t given your phone number out to a large number of people, but there are those who may try to access into your phone by trying to bypass this protocol.

If you are wondering "is my phone hacked" try using programs that encrypt all of your messages, such as WhatsApp or Wickr Me. These prevent people from being able to intercept your messages.

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4. Open Wi-Fi Networks and Charging Stations

There are those who have gone to the extra measure to protect their phone, and they dare people saying there is no way that someone can hack my phone. The truth is that some of the most innocuous situations can open the door to hacking occurring.

You actually are putting yourself in this kind of situation by connecting into strange Wi-Fi networks or even using a charging station at a home or business you are potentially opening the door for someone to gain access into your phone. All you’re trying to do is get on the Internet or to charge her phone and before you know it somebody’s got your information.

This means that you should never charge your phone or use the Internet connectivity in a location unless you are absolutely sure that you can trust them. This is an important factor for everyone, because it does not take much for someone to be able to use an application once your phone is plugged into their system to be able to get your information.

5. And If I Am Hacked

So what do you do if you want to know how to unhack your phone? You may look at this and say that you’re sure that someone has gotten into your phone, so what do you do now?

How to unhack my phone?

  • First, shut off all applications that look suspicious to you and run some kind of application that removes malicious software from your phone
  • This may require a little expense on your part, but it will help to eliminate any kind of virus.
  • You may also want to consult a professional that handles virus or malicious software removal, because this is a device you simply can’t afford for others to be able to access.
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