Data Uploading

Firstly, we always recommend our customers to wait for 24 hours for data uploading. If still the data is not uploading to your account, you may follow below protocol;

Check the Internet connection availability on the target device.

Case A) If Internet connection is not available on device, then please make sure that the target phone gets an Internet connection.

Case B) If Internet connection is available, then please make sure that it is sufficiently available for the app to transfer the data to server.

Tip: 1) If the phone is in roaming, Internet connection will be weak or not available so data uploading will get affected.

2) You may also connect the device to a charger, while it still has Internet connection, to aid the uploading process.

If the above things have been followed, and still the data has failed to upload, exceeding 24 hours, you may contact  Support ( for assistance.

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