For Android devices:

In order to uninstall Copy9 from target device, we have 2 cases:

1.  In case you can keep target device in your hand

– If you have Copy9 versions >= 5.3 (since it supports Auto Answer for Android), you must deactivate Device Admin in session Settings/More/Security.  If you have older version you can go to next step.

– Go to Settings/More/Security and tap on Application Manager and click  System Service to uninstall.
Or on some devices you should go to Settings and tap on Apps and click System Service to uninstall.

2.  In case you want to uninstall Copy9 remotely

– Login with your account at user control panel

– Go to menu Settings on top right, and click Uninstall menu

– It displays password form, please enter your password to confirm you want to uninstall remotely.

– Click button Uninstall Remotely and it will uninstall Copy9 application from the target device with some minutes (until it meet next synchronize time).


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