Locate a cell phone position free online

Locate a cell phone position free online

GPS phone tracker app from Copy9 is now becoming increasingly popular mainly because people are now concerned about some significant other, and they want to know about their activities
in their smartphones.

Locate a cell phone position free online

This app is a tracking app that tracks down another target phone without the other person knowing about it when it is activated.

This Phone Tracker app from Copy9 has many different tracking features that are very useful in tracking the other phone which is the primary target.

Phone Tracker features

This phone tracker app is best suited for parents who are concerned about their children and wants to keep track of them.

This spy tracker app has different types of tracking features that are very helpful in tracking the other person via different ways. Some of the most important features of this tracker app are

GPS tracking

This phone tracker spy app has a function of GPS or Global Positioning System tracking.

What this GPS tracking function does is that it tracks the location of another phone by accessing that phone’s GPS software.

This app gets control over the GPS software of that targeted phone and thus the location of that target phone can be viewed by the user.

This GPS tracking function is very helpful as the user can gain knowledge about the location of their host.

While this app is monitoring location, if the location of selected target is unusual or showing abnormal activities then an alert is created to the user about this.

spy gps phone tracker

Call logs tracking

Another great feature of this spy phone app is that this app has access to call logs of the target phone, and it lets it’s user know about every detail of call logs.

With the help of this function, the user of this app can view every number, every calls made with time and date and every call received with time and date.

The user can also view the length of every call made and received by the phone of selected target.

Text messages tracking

Text messages tracking is another very essential and helpful feature of this spy app.

With this function, the user can view all text messages that are online or offline of another target person without their knowledge.

Everything that is related with text messages of that target phone like phone number, text message threads, outgoing and incoming text messages can be viewed by the user of this app.

Web tracking

This spy app has another great feature which is a web tracking function.

This web tracking function allows the user to track that particular target’s activity on the internet like web searches, web history, pages that are frequently visited and duration of surfing those websites.

How to use it

In order to use this GPS phone tracker, a free account has to be created first on its official website and then this app can be downloaded and installed on the device of that particular target person.



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