Remote access through online control

You can view all the uploaded data as well as remote access  through online control panel remotely. This control panel also allows you to perform control commands on the monitored devices.

In this user control panel you can do following actions:
I.  Adjust how the target device works
1.  You can turn on/off what feature you want.
Tick on check boxes to turn on/off features.
2.  Hide Icon from target ‘s screen remotely.
3.  Save battery mode:  Save target’s battery mode but please remember that the data will be sent to server slowly.
4.  Define telephone numbers (separated by “,”) as control phone number.  Only these number (phone) can make spy calls (auto-answer) and only these number can send SMS commands to target device.  Normally it is your telephone number.
5.  Adjust time interval value for sending data to server and for reading GPS interval.
6.  Adjust GPS distance filter value to reduce number of GPS locations which are the same value.
7.  Adjust access code to show/hide icon of application for your security (it is #1234* or #123456* as default).
8.  Decide method to transfer data.  The device will send multimedia data to server via Wifi or other internet connection methods.  In some countries, using 3G/GPGS maybe charged.
9.  You can turn on feature Force opening internet connection in case the target device needs to use internet connection to send data.

II.  Export Data of target device
You can export all target’s data and download it to your computer in Excel file format (CSV. file)

III. Uninstall Copy9 from target device remotely
You can uninstall the application from target device remotely.  Enter your password again to confirm and wait a moment to meet synchronize time and the action will be performed.

IV.  Remove Device from Your account remote
If you want to remove target device from your account you can enter again your password and click button Remote Device.  It will remove device and also remotely uninstall the application from target device if any.

So since you installed Copy9 on target device and hide it (hide icon and/or hide package/application forever) you can remote access through online control  panel with

sync settings copy9

1.  Table of SMS command to control remotely

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