2 Best Free Software to Root All Android Devices with Computer

Android has become most popular Operating System to the mobile users. However, though the company is trying to update this Android OS, the users cannot still control everything of their mobile effectively.

User Permission- this is the major factor behind this issue. This option enables you to carry out various functions. The restrictions are intended to make the OS better. However, they also cause issues, like battery draining. While you like to avoid these problems, you have to consider rooting the device.

Now, let’s know about the root and real-time rooting.

Rooting method helps you in having superuser accessibility. By dealing with Android rooting technology, you do not need to work on the apps that are non–user-friendly. You will have the chance of deleting, installing or fixing new apps.

Why to root your device?

By rooting your mobile, you will get several advantages

  • Unrooted mobile enables you to back up only the particular apps and settings. However, the rooted ones give you the full backup benefit.
  • The applications that are not useful for your everyday needs may be easily closed. This helps you in enhancing the speed rate of your mobile’s OS. Moreover, it will also prolong the life of your mobile battery.
  • Remove the bloatware for optimizing the use of memory.
  • Uninstall the preinstalled apps to make sure that all other apps are running fast and your mobile OS performance has got improved.
  • Block all the pop-ups that may appear while you are playing various games.
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Though rooting system is beneficial to you, it has negative aspects.

  • After rooting any device, its warranty turns out to be void.
  • You will need to make much effort for the protection of your Android device
  • While rooting the device, it may have the risk of getting bricked. You will not be able to use the phone.

Factors important for rooting a device

In spite of knowing the negative points, lots of mobile users like to root their device. However, while you also try to deal with this rooting process, you need to have a good idea about it. A security system is always inherent in your mobile, and while your device prevents you from downloading app, there may be potential security threats.

  • Check out your Android OS version, available for the chosen rooting process
  • Have a comprehensive idea on whether there is a need of rooting Android using the computer or an app 
  • For rooting the mobile with the use of computer system, you have to assess any issue in the connection and USB cables or drivers.

Rooting Android using your computer

You may have already experienced Android rooting process for one of your mobiles. However, still, there are potential security issues with your phone. dr.fone is one of the best apps, which help you in rooting Android with your PC.

Though dr.fone is a free application, it is safe for your use. This software is different from other tools due to its unique features

  • No installation of bloatware at the time of rooting
  • The app has solved the need of finding rooting process of your Android mobile version. With dr.fone, the rooting process becomes easy with more than seven thousand devices. So, your Android mobile will surely work with it.
  • Simple interface, easy for your use
  • Use all the potential features of your mobile with no compromise of its safety
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1. Using Dr.fone - Steps to root Android with computer

Step 1: Visit the official site for downloading dr.fone . Install it on your PC

Step 2: Run this application. Hit on the option- Root


Step 3: Insert USB cable for setting a connection of Android mobile to your PC. Then, click OK button

Step 4: PC will find out the presence of your Android phone. Go to Start button


Step 5: In order to start the best routing process, the software will trace the mobile within a short time. Wait for few seconds until this process is done.


Step 6: The system turns on its rooting process and you will find a screen, showing that this rooting has been accomplished successfully.


Video Guide: How to Root All Devices Successfully

2. Get Your Android Rooted via KingRoot on PC

Download KingRoot and run the software for windows. 

Connect your Android smartphone to PC via USB cable. When it asks you to set up debugging mode, please follow the guide. Otherwise, the connecting would fail.


If your phone/tablet has not been rooted yet, just click “Start to Root” and the process will get started.


Root your Android device. See the percentage of progress, and you can find a tick sign after the process is over.

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