Three Apps Available For Rooting Android Without PC 2018

You may have made a considerable investment to buy the latest Android mobile in the market. Now, you like to find out all the potentials of your mobile.

So, the best option for you to meet your needs is rooting. To give you better ideas, we have found out the reasons for which lots of Android users like to root their handset.

  • Make your mobile customized easily- Flash your custom Kernel and ROM with your rooted mobile.
  • Preinstalled software removed – The mobile manufacturers secure some apps on your mobile, and you cannot uninstall them. Rooting helps you in removing them.
  • Install OS - Enjoy the newest OS version in your device. After you have rooted the phone, you may access the sub-system of your mobile and everything of the OS. It will also help you in optimizing your mobile with apps, intended for rooted users. You can deal with the processor for increasing your mobile’s speed. It will also become easy to run the apps, which assist in freeing up the available space.
  • Battery saver- Lots of Android users are concerned on the battery life. There are customized ROMs that are intended for improving battery power. However, you may better rely on Kingo SuperBattery to save the battery from consuming too much power.

So, if you like to root your mobile, we want to introduce you with useful apps. KingoRoot, Kingroot and iRoot are those apps that help you with rooting process.

The best fact about these apps is that there is no need of using any computer system for carrying out the process. We have given you the details on how to use each of these apps for rooting purpose.

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iRoot is one of the best apps as it enables you to do rooting with only one click. As this is a free app, you can install it anytime without any concern on the cost.

First step: Go to and download iRoot apk file on Android tab or mobile . Open the apk file of iRoot and install it.

Second step: After installing it, you have to open the app by clicking on the right icon, and it will instantly detect the mobile

Third step: When the app has detected the device successfully, you can find the option- Root Now. Look at the UI to get this button. Click on it for rooting the device. Wait until the mobile is successfully rooted


So, you do not need to use your PC for rooting Android mobile. This is really a very simple way to root Android.

2. KingoRoot- For rooting your device

KingoRoot is another Android rooting tool. You can use it safely without connecting your computer system through USB cable. However, prior to starting the process, you have to check out whether the battery is minimum fifty percent charged.

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Wi-Fi internet connectivity is also essential for the task. From Settings menu of your mobile, you should adjust it in such a way that the system can install apps of unknown sources.

For rooting with KingoRoot, you have to know these steps:

Step 1: Free download KingoRoot.apk on your Android phone.

Step 2: Launch the app to start rooting. Wait for some seconds until you have seen the result on the screen


Step 3: The progress of rooting will be noticed on your device screen. After rooting the device rightly, Root Succeed window will come up. While you have not seen it, you must try once more.


KingoRoot works for most of the Android versions, including Jelly Bean, Kitkat, Lollipop, Marshmallow and Nougat.

3. Use Kingroot to root Android Without PC

In order to set up Kingroot with no computer system, you have to download Kingroot APKfrom the online sites. From a mobile-friendly browser, you can access Go to the right page for downloading apk. Then, you will find-

The changing percentage of rooting process is on the screen. It indicates the continuation of the installation process. After that, the screen will show a "Try Root" button for access to the major interface. Hit Get Now option for turning on the rooting method.

So, these are three ways in which you can root any Android set. There is no need of connecting your computer to use the apps. Though many of these apps have PC versions, you have to download the right apk for the rooting process.

You may search for several other apps for starting the process. However, we have chosen the above apps, considering their reliability and features.


It’s a bit trickier and harder for the application to root the newer Android versions. So, the applications may not have a 100% success rate on rooting Android 6.0 and 7.0

The companies AT&T and Verizon recently locked the Bootloader in Android. This means that it’s now a bit harder to root Android phones that were created by AT&T or Verizon without the use of a computer. If you wish to increase the chances of a successful root, then you can use rooting software that you can download on PC.


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