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The use of smartphones has turned from a thing of the future to a thing that most anybody won’t be able to live out the rest of the day without it. Millions and millions of people are using smartphones all the time.

Much of our correspondence goes through the smartphones – there are practically billions of phone calls and SMSs.

That being said, you may have reasons of your own why you would want to see someone’s SMS history. Perhaps it’s an employee of yours and you wish to see whether he or she has been slacking during work hours. Or it may be your children and you wish to control their SMS history and see what they are writing and receiving.

There are many different applications that you could use in order to track someone’s SMS history. Below you will find reviews on some of the most popular of them.

The first choice that many people get to in their quest for finding the perfect SMS tracking application is SMS Peeper. But does SMS Peeper work? 


If you wish to read an SMS Peeper review, then you have come to the right place.Hardly, we can’t really recommend this program to you in good faith. For the purposes of writing this review, we have tried to use the program.

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Everything seems fine while you’re looking at the website – there are videos and bulleted lists explaining to you just how you can use this application in order to see someone’s personal SMS history.

But in our experience, this program failed to deliver on everything that it set out to achieve. One of the things that the creators of this application boast about is that you will get an SMS Peeper code that you can use in order to track on someone’s SMS history. And you will indeed get a code, but sadly, the code won’t work.

We tried really hard to like this program and give it a chance to work, but we have found out that it’s a full-blown scam that will try and take your money if you let it. The fact of the matter is that if you sign up for using this program, you will get bombarded with “promotional offers” all the time.

If you give the website access to your credit card information, then this may very well be the worst thing that you have done in your online shopping experience so far. The people that run the website will abuse the information that you give them and they will take your money.

What’s worse, you can contact technical support if you happen to have any issues. Or, you can think that you can contact tech support – because in our experience we weren’t able to do this. We tried our best to ask a few questions about the website but we didn’t get any reply – further cementing the notion that this website is a scam.

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Luckily, we have a better alternative for you to use. Read below for more information.

Alternative to SMS Peeper: Copy9

The best alternative to SMS Peeper is the application that goes by the name of Copy9. Unlike the previous application – this one is fully legit. It offers a wide variety of tracking features.


You will be able to not only see the SMS history of the user of the target phone, but you will also be able to check their entire browsing history, their entire calling history – you will even be able to track the exact location of the device (and in most cases, its owner as well) with the use of GPS.

A great thing about this application is that it’s incredibly easy to use. You will have to follow three main steps in order to make it work:

  • Purchase Copy9 from the official online website
  • Install the application on the targeted phone
  • Use the control panel from your own phone to track everything you may need to know about the use of the targeted device

You see, even a child can understand and begin using this application for the purpose of tracking someone. What we urge you to do though is be mindful when you install the application on the targeted device.

You should be careful not to be found out during this process – and the process itself can last up to 3 minutes if you’re prompt.
After this, the application will work stealthily and the owner of the targeted device will have no clue that they are being spied by you.

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FREE TRIAL COPY9: Download Copy9

So, if you like what this application can enable you to do – then why not give it a try? In fact, you can try out Copy9 for free and then decide whether you’re willing to pay the full price for long-term use.

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