Best Spy Call Recorder For Android Free Download 2017

Best Spy Call Recorder For Android Free Download 2017

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With technology improvements, mobiles have acquired the status of powerful little computers. People use them to carry out the communication of messages secretly along with the maintenance of illegal relationships; they are misused to store A grade content by many children as well.

Furthermore, it becomes very difficult to find the real truth regarding the suspicious activities on cell phone. So, you can do that by the means of spy software simply installing it on the cell phone of your loved ones. Parenting can be easy when you can Spy call and spy on kids.

What’s the Program to hack call log?

Copy9 is highly effective and one of the best solutions available in the market. It has many effective ways to monitor the target mobile and record activities like telephone calls, instant messages, GPS area, messages, web exercises and substantially more.

The process of monitoring/recording takes place by adopting stealth mode, so as to assure that the target remains unaware about its installation and sense of being monitored. This turns it into a complete system to hack mobile phone calls.


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How it Works?

It’s fast and easy to hack call with this amazing app. As you purchase it you can download Copy9 directly on mobile target. The Installation is dead easy and takes no time at all.

As the installation is complete you can monitor each activity on the target cell phone and the data is uploaded after recording the servers that connect with Copy9, you are provided the account login information so that you may view the logs either on computer or mobile anytime.

You account comprise of logs associated with the contact lists, text messages, GPS location and call history etc.

Cell Phone Compatibility:

The spy software named Copy9 is found to be working perfectly well on all the big mobile brand names available in the market that comprise of Blackberry, Android, iPod, iPhones and Tablets etc.

The app may also teach you how to hack mobile call history.

Why you need this features ?

Features of Copy9:

  • Logs of Phone Calls – You can easily Spy on each mobile number no matter its outgoing or incoming on the target phone with call time and duration information.
  • Logs of SMS – You can Spy on outgoing and incoming SMS.
  • Spy for Phone Book– You can easily access all of the contact information of the target phone.
  • Web Activity Spying – With the recording of all internet activities such as websites, emails,YouTube, Whatsapp, and Facebook. You can easily get the information in form of logs.
  • Tracking of GPS Location – You can effortlessly track accurate location of the target phone user anytime.
  • Tracking of Cell ID – By utilizing this service you can find the phone’s location even if there is no Global Positioning System available.
  • Command of SMS – You can send SMS by the means of commands to lock/unlock the cell phone usage or delete history of calls, videos, photos and logs of SMS from the target phone at any time.
  • Wipe or Lock Device Remotely – You canlock the target mobile or you can format all the data easily.
  • Keylogger – It keeps the record of keys usedwhich has sensitive information such as passwords.
  • Operation in Copy9 Mode – It operates in the invisible mode and the target remains unable to detect.

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