Spy On Text Messages Online 2017 - Free Download SMS Tracker

Spy On Text message is an app for smartphone

It allows you to:

  • View all Text Messages
  • Check iMessage and Whatsapp
  • Get the location with GPS tracking whenever you want
  • Websites visited and log call details
  • View videos or photos
  • View contacts, memos, and email
  • Block apps on your targets phone
  • With live panel option view live screen

What is text spy?

Text Spy or spy text is an app that allows the user to spy on text messages, GPS, calls and any other activities of another phone. This app is specially designed for tracking the victim’s phone via remotely and gets them to collect data from another cell phone and then display it on your control panel .

How to read someones text messages without their phone?

Copy9 allows you:

  1. View Sent / Received SMS / Deleted SMS, iMessage
  2. Whether the text message was incoming or outgoing.
  3. Sender/Recipient of the text message.
  4. The date and the time of the text message.

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How to spy on text messages without installing software - It can be done?

By using Copy 9 You can read text messages from another phone for free

  • Remote Control Via SMS Commands
  • 100% Undetectable
  • Multi Devices (3 devices).

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How Does It Work?

download copy9 spy app

Download: You just need to download Copy9 by using your target phone

install copy9 on target phone

Installation : Install Copy9 and sign up account when you install ( just enter your email and password)

Check Data Online: To view the text messages or any data, you just need to login to your account and check your target mobile phone information

How can I spy on another phone?

  • Go to Copy9.com using the target mobile device.
  • Find the application and install it on the device.
  • Depending on the device, you would need to accept and approve all pop-up windows.
  • Restart the device.
  • Log in to your master account from another device of your choice.
  • Confirm that the app is installed on a registered device.
  • Test the target device is working by sending an SMS.
  • Ensure that the target device has access to Wi-Fi or data connection.
  • Make a call to test everything’s working fine.

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How to read someones text messages without having their phone?

By using Copy9 spy apps that you can use to read someone's messages without having their phone.

All that you need:

-Get the device

-Open the browser in device

-Go to the link http://copy9.com/

-Click on the download on menu

-Download and install copy9 App into the device

-Create and activate an account

-Then manage the device's messages from another device through http://my.Copy9.com

This only way you can to read text messages from another phone without having their phone.


What is Copy9 mobile spy app?


Copy9 is the next generation cell phone spy app that has been helping several concerned parents, employers, and others to Spy on text messages, Call details, GPS Location, Videos, Photos, and Social Media activities remotely on their mobile phone.

This cell phone surveillance software records the outgoing and incoming calls and SMS without having the mobile device in the possession, which means you can monitor remotely.



Download and Install Copy9

Device Requirements:

Copy9 monitoring app works on Android, Iphone or BlackBerry or tablet, etc. Copy9 does not depend on the messages and phone call database to log activities.

Copy9 can also retrieve deleted or old messages from your targets mobile phone, so even if they delete any message, you can still get the content stored in your account.

Copy9 continuously updates and offers latest features all the time. Most features that you find in Copy9 are not available in any other applications.

It can help you hack text messages along with senders and recipients’ phone number, date, time, logs the SMS contents, call monitoring details, including date, number dialed a number of the callers, duration, and much more.

It also alerts you with camera command alerts, including Geo-Fencing, Profanity Alert, Contact Alerts, not just that, you can also get alerts if you are a child is in danger or doing any illegal activity.


Why choose Copy9?

The Copy9 app is perfect for:

  • Tracking your children’s mobile activities. It helps you monitor your children if they are doing anything wrong and control them from doing any harm or avoid them to get into any dangerous situations.
  • Tracking your company employees. This app helps you monitor your workers to check if they are misusing your assets and companies valuable time and money for their personal use.
  • Backing up information from your phone.
  • It also helps you track your phone in case, if it gets stolen.
spy on text messages

How can I see my daughters text messages?

Using Copy9 to track text messages discreetly. The internet is a breeding ground for untoward circumstances just itching to happen. Keeping a tab on your daughter’s online activity can help keep her safe and secure.

Few years back, sneaking on her phone without being noticed would have been impossible. Technology has evolved since, and you might just stand a chance at tracking your daughter’s text messages without being detected.

Get a load of this: Apps such as Copy9 is Spy App and free to try. App available in the market today. You don’t have to worry about your device being prone to viruses, which can cause irreparable damage to your phone.

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