How To Spy On Your Girlfriend's Phone Without Touching It?

How To Spy On Your Girlfriend’s Phone Without Touching It?

Cheating in a relationship is common and chances are high that your girlfriend is cheating you as we speak, sadly!

That’s why it is important to know are you one of those men and it is useful to know how you can know the truth.

Below we will guide you through an interesting process which will help you.

1. How to Know if Your Girlfriend Is Cheating on You?


The first one is the most obvious one. If your girlfriend is looking too long in her smartphone and almost forgets about you, she is definitely having an affair. This tip is almost always accompanied by her placing the smartphone far away from you. Obviously, she doesn’t want you to see a message from a lover!


There are additional signs as well. If you two have been planning future together or have some plans for the future and now she stopped talking about that, this is another potential sign that she is having an affair. Let’s just say that she isn’t certain of you two and future together, so she doesn’t want to plan it.


Women buy clothes all the time, so this sign is a bit difficult to notice. But, if she starts buying more clothes and accessories, more than usual, it may be a sign she is cheating you! Always pay attention to the accessories and clothes. If she is spending too much time buying and trying new outfits, you know the truth.


The last, but not least is the most obvious sign is when a girl is flirting with other guys when you are next to hear. It is an evidence that she has an affair, so it isn’t difficult to realize the actual truth!

2. How to Spy on your Girlfriend's Phone?

The first and the simplest way to spy girlfriend was to take her phone when she isn’t looking and to read the messages.

But, due to fingerprint scanners, codes and other security measures, this isn’t possible anymore. Luckily, some methods do exist. One of the best ones is using Copy9.

Basically, you will use an app to spy on girlfriend. This app works on all iPhone and Android phones and it is undetectable. Simply said, you will have all the information you want, but a girl won’t know anything about that.

How Copy9 Works?

In order to set up the app, all you have to do is to install it on the targeted device. You don’t need her phone number or anything like that. All you have to do is to use the targeted phone to download and install the app. Once that is done, you can use control panel on the website of the app to get all the data you want to know. Keep in mind that this is one-time installation and you won’t have to gain access to her smartphone ever again.

Why is Copy9 so useful?

First of all, you will be able to see all the messages, send and received. This is usually enough to understand is she having an affair or not. But, you can also record her phone calls, get information such as caller ID, time and date of a call and etc. But, this isn’t all, one of the best features here is GPS positioning. Basically, the app will use GPS of the smartphone to determine the exact location of the phone and the girl. That’s why this is the best way to spy on girlfriends phone.

There are additional cool features as well. 

That’s why the app will notify you when the SIM card is replaced. You can determine why she does that easily.

  • Spying on social media

Limiting or blocking the internet access and spying on instant messaging apps is all possible as well. 

There is no additional cost for these features and once registered, all of them are available to you.

The best part is in the fact the app offers data in real time, meaning that all the calls, messages and etc. will be instantly visible in the control panel.

The app comes with a free trial

So, you will definitely have time to test it before you decide do you need it. Don’t forget that the app cannot be noticed nor removed from the targeted phone.


Copy9 is simply the best way to determine if your girlfriend unfaithful. If she is, you will know that in a matter of hours.

If not, you will make sure she stays faithful as long as you two are together. Once you don’t need an app anymore, you can remotely remove it from the targeted smartphone from the control panel.

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