Spy Text : How To Know She’s Cheating On You ?

Is She Cheating On You ???

Definition :  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheating

It is not just the men who can cheat on their partners. The women folk can do too. Majority of the women cheat to fill an emotional void. Among other things women always want the attention and affection from their partner. Those two are the main pillars that could help her sail through the tough times.



Reasons for cheating:

Before finding out if your girlfriend is cheating, let’s find the reasons.

Emotional connection:

While men can successfully compartmentalize their emotions, women folk are not so good at this. They are always striving for an emotional connection with their partner. When they feel there is an emotional disconnect, they tend to look for this connection elsewhere. It is not just the security that a relationship can offer, it is more to do with the overall experience.

Unfulfilled Relationship

A woman fights for the success of her relationship. However, not all relations are meant to last and when she feels her current relationship has met a dead end, she will give up easily. Generally, a woman does not enter into an affair unless the current relationship looks hopeless to her. This affair is mainly to fill the void within her while she continues to pretend the relationship is working.

Other reasons

A study says that some women tend to have affairs when they are in vulnerable period. Women don’t intend to start an affair but eventually end up in one without realizing it is too late. When they meet someone they can connect with, in their vulnerable state, they tend to trust the person whole heartedly. Slowly, this becomes an emotional dependence which leads to an affair.

Here Are Some Warning Signs


She is suddenly not too bothered about your presence. Whether you are in the room or not does not really seem to matter as she is not connected to your, physically or emotionally.

Sudden interest in grooming & shopping

Eventhough she seems less interested in you, she might be more conscious about her looks, spends more time on make-up, frequent shopping and she is completely tuned in to reinventing herself.

Spending more time on gadgets

Suddenlyshe seems to spend more time on her phone or laptop for chatting, texting and voice calls especially when in private. When asked, she brushes it off as some girlfriend in trouble.

Increased Social Outing alone

Her calendar suddenly seems to be full with lot of girls’ night out, extended shopping, sleepover at friend’s place, etc. Anything to keep her away from you frequently.

Off the radar for longer hours

She becomes unreachable for longer hours without any obvious reasons.

Reinforces Unhappiness

She doesn’t miss a chance to let you know that she is not very happy in the current situation. She is constantly picking on minor issues and blowing it up.

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