The best way to read messages about your cheating wife

Would you wish to read passages about your cheating wife? There are many various factors that make couples different. Sometimes, it even reaches the purpose where a partner loses interest and even cheats.


So does one want to understand "who is my wife texting?" Without a doubt, today's password-protected apps and smartphones make it pretty simple to cover information and facts.

Here, we are going to tell you the way you'll be able to read all of these who text your partner. Checking cheating wife messages can provide you with a reality check. Now, let's study a number of the best ways to read your wife messages.

How to Read Your Cheating Wife Texts Without Her Knowledge

So, how do I know who texted my wife? Is this something that bothers you? The simplest thanks to track activities on your wife's smartphone is to use a third-party track tool.

One such reliable monitoring tool is Copy9. Now, let's find out how to read your cheating wife text easily using the Copy9 tool.

Introduction to Copy9

One of the simplest tracking and tracking tools is Copy9. Track spouse fraud track app during this free Android track app allows you to trace the target phone's messages, call logs, etc. 

It even assists you keep track of your cheating wife messages, this is often not a completely easy task.


This simple and upgraded monitoring tool will assist you in viewing your wife's WhatsApp messages. Alternatively, you'll be able to follow her social media chats and SMS messages without her knowing.

Not only that, it also allows you to test call logs to determine who your wife is reprimanded, including their photo profiles.

Is there a chance of getting caught with Copy9?

Today, many users use Copy9 in more than 191 countries. This monitoring tool has emerged as a number one tool during this market. it's a reliable and reliable tool because of its latest, advanced technology. 

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So, who is my wife texting? This may be found through this application for couples with trust problems. Copy9 is totally web based. Plus, nobody is able to detect this tool because it works remotely. 


This suggests you'll read messages about your cheating wife without ever letting her know. Another great point about this tool is that there's no need to root or jailbreak the target device to use it.

Copy9 – Holistic Monitoring Tool

Can you know who texted my wife? Yes, that's right. Copy9 comes with advanced and modern monitoring features. With such features, you'll be able to guarantee that your wife will never be told that you caught her.

Works in stealth mode

This track tool works within the background of the target device. It never appears on your wife's phone background. Copy9 isn't resource-intensive and light-weight. As a result, the device doesn't consume much battery. 


Also, it doesn't bog down the target device, which on the contrary may cause your wife to become suspicious. So now you'll be able to read your cheating wife text discreetly and from afar.

Does not require Root or Jailbreak

Now, your wife might become suspicious if she notices that somebody has cracked or rooted her smartphone. they're going to know then someone is tracking on her smartphone. to avoid wasting you, this track tool doesn't require rooting or jailbreaking the target device.

Who is my wife texting? you'll be able to see this by manually installing the app on her Android smartphone. On iOS, just enter her iCloud account credentials.

Web-based espionage

May I know who texted my wife? This will steer clear off installing any special apps or software on your wife's smartphone. Your wife could also be suspicious if she watches a Copy9 show on her device.

You can access Copy9 to read messages about your cheating wife with any application anywhere, anytime. So there is not any chance for you to get caught.

Easy and fast installation for Android

So what if your partner catches you while you put in this track tool on their device? No way. As stated above, this app is lightweight, with a size of just 3MB. One can install this monitoring tool in seconds.

No installation required for iOS devices

If your wife uses an iPhone, the more benefits. you are doing not need to manually install the Copy9 tool on an iOS device. Here, you simply have to enter your iCloud account details to start.

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Uninstall remote apps

It is very easy to uninstall this tool. If you are feeling like your wife may be ready to catch you, remotely uninstall. It will be done remotely from the board with only 1 press.

Read cheating wife's messages without her knowing

If you're wondering if it's okay to read your cheating wife's passages, keep reading. Fully readable your wife's messages. Not only that, you'll be able to even track the activities of your smartphone.

1. Access everything your wife types with Keylogger

Copy9's dashboard comes with an excellent feature called Keylogger. Its Keylogger shows you a log of each keystroke made on the target device. So you'll have a thought of "who is my wife texting?". Also, everything she types on her smartphone throughout the day.

2. Text Message Tracking Tool

Now, Copy9 is sort of an innovative monitoring tool. To read messages about your cheating wife, you'll even move to its dashboard rather than explaining the most diary. au fait panel, you'll be able to view all received and sent messages with only one click. This even includes deleted messages.

Using and installing this track tool is incredibly easy. Undoubtedly, it's one in all the simplest installation tools when it involves tracking tools. So how am I able to see all those texting my wife? Is that what you would like to know?

Steps to know "Who is my wife texting?":

Compared to other monitoring tools, Copy9 is an easy application to install. Here's how a user can check his wife's text messages:

how to download copy9

Step 1: Create an account

First, users need to create an account on the official Copy9 website. The process of creating a Copy9 account is pretty easy.

Step 2: Specify the operating system

Now, a setup wizard will show up on your screen. When prompted, the user needs to specify the operating system of their wife's smartphone. Choose an option from Android or iOS.

Step 3: Select a subscription package

Next, the user must choose a subscription from the worth plans listed there. Choose a package that suits your preferences and requirements.

The plans are different regarding the amount of smartphones that you simply want to trace. Also, they depend upon the monitoring features you would like to use

Step 4: Click the tab 'Start monitoring'

Now, users need to check their email account, where they definitely received “WELCOME” email from Copy9. From there they need to click on the tab ‘Start monitoring‘. This tells you "who messaged my wife."

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Step 5: Enter some information

The user will then be asked to enter some information related to the target smartphone. This information includes the wife's name, her age, and the target device's operating system.

On Android Devices:

Step 6: Install the Copy9 program

Now, users must download and install the Copy9 program on the device they need to observe. it'll only take some minutes as this tool is smaller in size. Exactly, the scale of this program is just 3MB.

After installing the tool, we recommend that you just hide it on the monitored device. Now, press the 'Start' tab from the online browser where you wish to start out tracking. it'll take several minutes to upload the info from the target device to the console

On iOS Devices:

Step 7: Put in the iCloud account credentials

This monitoring tool also works on iOS devices, including all the newest iOS versions. The most effective thing about using the iOS version of this tool is that there's no requirement to download the Copy9 program on the target device. 

So you'll monitor your wife's iPhone without actual access. On an iOS device, users only must enter the iCloud credentials of the target device. Once prompted, enter details about your partner's iCloud account.

After entering the said details, select your wife's iPhone from the list of options available to observe. So now you're able to read the wife cheating texts.

Click the ‘Start‘ tab, then you'll automatically be taken to the Copy9 dashboard. Once the info is downloaded from the target device, you will be read to determine "who's texting me?" no trouble.

Is it really possible to follow someone they don't know?

So how do I know who texted my wife? Am I able to read cheating wife messages without her knowing? If these questions come to mind, the solution is yes. Can keep an eye fixed on his wife's smartphone activities without her knowledge. This task may be accomplished with Copy9.

viber hack

This monitoring tool ensures that users keep track of what has actually happened behind them. On the market today, there are many applications that promise to help you in monitoring someone.

However, all you stumble upon is that your system is infected with malware. Using the Copy9 program, users don't have to consider the protection of the info. This can be because this monitoring tool is totally reliable and secure.


So how do I know who texted my wife? Copy9 is the answer. This tool tells you everything about "who is my wife texting?" During this age of deceitful and betrayal partners, oversight has probably become a necessity. 

Therefore, Copy9 supports you to urge all the information you would like. Now, use the Copy9 application to read cheating wife texts.

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