The Top GPS tracking apps on Android 2021

Android's GPS tracker is extremely useful if you lose control over your loved ones, especially your kids. This tool helps you retain track of their Android devices to seek out them once you can't find them around.

In today's world of technology, plenty of progress is being made to form our lives easier. GPS tracking is one among the built-in enhancements that you just will find on most cell phones, helping people in several problem situations.

As a result, a variety of location tracking apps are available. With these tracking tools, users can know where their dear or family is in any respect and make sure that they're absolutely safe.

The best Android GPS tracking app

#1 Android GPS Tracking  – Copy9

Copy9 is the best Android GPS and GPS tracking app out there. Many users use this location tracking app. This app is quite just a GPS tracking app. It comes with plenty of great features, quite effective for tracking your dear smartphone.


Using this app, users can fathom someone's whereabouts instantly. The most effective thing about this tool is that it works remotely in order that the target user won't discover that their device is being tracked.

Together with real-time locations, this app can even be wont to track browser history, call logs, social apps, SMS, and more. on course device. Now, let's have a look at why this app is taken into account the simplest out of all!

Key Features of Copy9:

  • With Copy9, users can track GPS location in real time. It also gives you the whole location history.
  • The app provides precise location details because of its improved Wi-Fi based GPS location monitoring technology.
  • This application allows users to test the live location of Maps together with time, date and street information.
  • Using the tool's geofencing feature, users can create a secure zone where you may know whether the target will leave or enter that area.
  • People can export or seek for location information on their smart device.
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To further test the capabilities of this amazing tool, you must try its live demo for free.

#2 Android GPS Tracker – TheTruthTrack Application

This is another great GPS phone tracking and GPS phone tracking tool. TheTruthTrack is accessible for $ 59.99 for the annual plan. 

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This incredible location tracker also can be wont to understand someone's whereabouts in a moment. Users can easily track real-time GPS locations efficiently using GPS.

TheTruthTrack  provides an in depth account of the whole history regarding where the target users visited throughout the day. This data may be viewed on your device easily. 

Android's GPS tracking app comes with geolocation, allowing users to line boundaries and receive notifications whenever a target leaves a secure zone or enters a harmful area.

Key Features of FamiSafe:

  • Like Copy9, users can access real-time locations with FamiSafe.
  • They can check the GPS location history along with details.
  • Users can track multiple smartphones with just one account.

Limitations of using FamiSafe:

  • The target device's battery drains too quickly.
  • Some users report that this tool freezes from time to time.

# 3 Android GPS Tracker - FreeTrackApp for kids

FreeTrackApp could be a professional location tracking tool for Android smartphones. Using this Android GPS tracking device, parents can track their child's real-time location.

This app makes sure that your kids are safe. The placement tracker gives you extremely fast tracking with complete accuracy.

Key Features of FreeTrackApps:

  • This tool allows you to test where your child is at a particular time.
  • Using this monitoring tool, you'll be able to monitor specific locations thanks to its geolocation feature.
  • With this app you'll set alerts for important areas like pubs, nearby discos and children's schools. Hence, you're always informed of their location.
  • Tool to save lots of location history for future reference.

# 4 Android GPS Tracker - Trackera for Android

Trackera is an implausible Android GPS tracking tool for Android smartphones. This location tracker comes with a large amount of features.

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It features GPS location tracking to search out someone's GPS location. you'll check your child's location right on the phone screen.

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This tool is incredibly easy to use once you must find the placement of your kids, friends, partners and other loved ones.

All you have got to try and do is install this app on any Android device where you would like to understand the GPS location is off and voila. Now, you'll be able to monitor the device remotely.

Key Features of Trackera:

  • With this tracker, you'll listen to all calls of any supported Android smartphone.
  • Explore the coordinates of the device you would like to trace with its GPS monitoring feature.
  • This Android GPS tracker allows you to record all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Using Trackera, you'll be able to track every activity that happens on several popular social apps.
  • This tool allows you to require pictures on the monitored device without the knowledge of the target user.
  • With Keylogger, users can view the log keys exploited on Android phone.

# 5 Android GPS Tracker - Glympse for sharing GPS location

With Glympse, you'll be able to share your Android device's real-time GPS location along with your members of the family and friends. This app allows you to share your location with anyone else instantly.

hack gps with copy9

Not only that, they'll also access your location directly from the online dashboard. this suggests they do not should download or install any apps to determine your location details. So you'll consider this tool as an Android GPS tracking tool.

Key Features of Glympse:

  • This tool doesn't require some other person to join up and is up and running immediately.
  • The placements you share with automatically expire after a specified period of your time.
  • This application runs within the background of the phone.
  • It works well anywhere within the world, as long as your device has an energetic internet connection and GPS.
  • This tool is offered on the Google Play Store at no cost.

6. Family Locator

Another good Android GPS tracking app is Family Locator. This application allows users to share their location with not just one person but a full group can have your members of the family and friends. 

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All those in this group are able to track your live location using GPS on their Android device. It provides a good thanks to share your location with one and every one instantly and without hassle.

Key Features of Family Locator:

  • Users can create their own private groups and incorporate the members of their choice.
  • With Family Locator, users can check their device's GPS location.
  • Changes can be received if someone gets a specific piece of information using this tool.
  • With this Android GPS tracker, discover the location of your stolen or lost device.
  • This tool is available on the Play Store for free.

# 7. GPS Phone Tracker

If you're searching for a basic Android GPS tracker, then GPS Phone Tracker could be a perfect choice. This basic app comes with all the required features to assist you discover your lost or stolen device with the assistance of GPS technology.

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This tool uses your device's GPS feature to locate your device's exact location and display it similarly on your screen.

Key Features of GPS Phone Tracker:

  • Receive notifications for locations with GPS Phone Tracker.
  • This tool allows you to access the map view to find out the exact location of the device.
  • On this tool, you can add multiple devices to track them by GPS.

# 8. GPS Logger

This Android GPS tracking app is slightly different from the opposite options listed here. GPS Logger keeps track of all the locations you've got visited during the day.

With the assistance of GPS Logger, you'll be able to track all the places where you've got actually been from the very beginning after you download the app. This tool not only tracks location but also allows you to try and do similar checks.

Key Features of GPS Logger:

  • The application shows all GPS data for you.
  • GPS Logger keeps track of all the areas you visit.
  • This tracker allows you to share your location with others in an exceedingly number of formats.
  • This tool displays tracking statistics in real time.
  • GPS Logger is out there free on the Play Store for Android devices.


So here are a number of the simplest Android GPS tracking apps out there. a number of these tools are available at no cost to download on Android devices. 

If you're trying to find the simplest tools to trace your kids, then Copy9 and TheTruthTrack are great options. Now have a good tool to trace your friends and yourself with the assistance of a GPS location tracker.

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