How to track a cell phone location without installing software 2017?

How to track a cell phone location without installing software 2017?

How to track a cell phone location without installing software?

The answer is:

Phone tracker app is a type of app that allows its users to track another smartphone and other smart devices like iPad and tablets.

These apps are developed and made available for different operating platforms like iOS, Android.

There are numerous apps that are developed for this tracking purposes, and there are both good and bad types of tracking apps.

Some tracking spy apps are very reliable, and have great tracking features and are genuine while other spy apps are fake, these fake apps do not work properly and has several types of malfunctions.

So users should be careful when it comes to choosing these tracking spy apps.

There are some really good tracking apps which are genuine, and these spy apps are very safe to use too.


This is a wonderful spy tracking app that is genuine and reliable.

Copy9 tracks another device that is made target, and this app gives correct data and results to its users.

However, to use this app in Android devices, the Android device has to be rooted and to use this device in iOS devices, jailbreak has to be done in it.

This spy tracking app can allow users to view Internet activity and Facebook activity of the targeted person to keep track of their daily activities which helps in knowing their current concerns.

Users of this spy app have access to view Facebook messages, Facebook activities like wall posts, friend lists, friend requests and liked people and pages.

Users can also view media content of target’s phone or another device, these media contents can be pictures and videos present in their devices.

GPS tracking function is very good in this app.

gps spy app

Copy9 – Wonderful phone tracker 

Copy9 is a very good app to track a cell phone location for free and its pro edition is probably the best tracking app to use.

This spy app contains all the necessary tracking tools and functions that help in accurate and informative tracking of another person.

One of the best functions of this spy app is that this app has a stealth camera function.

This function allows the user to gain access to the camera of the device (both rear and front camera) to secretly take pictures.

This secretly captured photo is sent to the user’s Copy9 account to view it.

This app can also access location of another phone by hacking or tripping the GPS software present in that targeted phone.

Copy9 has call monitoring function which monitors every calls made and received by the target phone and details of calls like phone number, date and time of call.

Copy9 can also track activity of the target in social networking sites like Facebook, Whatsapp,  Skype, Viber and BBM.

Apart from tracking activities from these sites, this spy app can even access web browsing history, bookmarks, saved pages and frequently visited websites.

These are two best GPS phone tracker that is available for users. It does not take much time to download and install these apps, so these apps are recommended for those who wants productive tracking with ease of use.

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