How to Track Browsing History Secretly 2018?

Checking out someone else's history online is something that many people have thought of doing. Truth is that we are living in modern age when people are exposed to all kinds of dangers when they surf the internet.

That is why you must make sure you are constantly protected from different harmful things. Bad online behavior and influence, dangerous and suspicious websites, as well as online bullying are some things that can cause problems to your closest ones. Therefore, you must find a way how to view someone else’s browsing history in order to protect them.

In order to take full advantage of tracking online history secretly, we are recommending using the great application called Copy9.


This is one of the best applications you can use for secretly tracking someone's internet history without ever being detected. All android and iOS devices can be remotely tracked for any information you want.

Copy9 is full internet track with which you can access browsing history, track call logs, real-time location, activity on social media, check out messages, recordings and anything else you can imagine.

It is a very useful tool that comes with numerous advanced quality features that rarely can be seen anywhere else. You will definitely be very satisfied with everything that this track tool offers, so give it a try and see what it can do for you.

One of the best things regarding Copy9 is that this tool is invisible. As soon as it is installed, it runs in the background of the targeted device and the user has no way of knowing that the device is being monitored by someone.

The browsing history is very thorough and detailed, so you can easily learn everything regarding the browser activity. You can check out when, where, at what exact time which internet websites have been visited and for how long did the user stay on them.

As mentioned, Copy9 is compatible with almost all devices working on all operating systems, and great thing is that you can access all info you are interested in remotely from the comfort of your own home.

2. How to track internet history on cell phone?

All you need to do is just create an account at the website and on the dashboard you will be presented with all information you look for. If you really want to successfully learn how to track internet history on cell phone, then Copy9 is definitely the best solution for all your needs.


Besides checking browser history, with Copy9 you can determine the exact location of the monitored device. The keylogging feature is another advanced option through which you can check out the recorded keystrokes that the user has made on his device.

Call recordings, apps, videos, photos, notes, contacts, messages and everything else can also be easily accessed through Copy9 application. All in all, this app is one stop solution if you are interested in tracking someone's online activity. Copy9 being undetectable means that you can safely access all information without fearing that you will be discovered.

If you are unsure about how everything works and want to learn more, then a good thing you can do is use the free trial version of Copy9. That way you can explore all the features and options that are provided, so you can get a clear picture about how this app works. Get Copy9 today and enjoy tracking on someone's internet activity.

Get the free trial version of Copy9: ​Download Copy9  internet track

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