How to track or find lost cell phone with Copy9

How to track or find lost cell phone with Copy9

With Copy9, you can remotely monitor the current location of your children and employees any time and from anywhere. With Copy9, installed on their phones and tablets you can:

  • Monitor their current location on map.
  • Check details of their location like longitude, latitude and street address.

How to Install Copy9:

– You must download and install Copy9 on target phone, you want track location.
– You can register new account here by clicking Register button, or if you registered an account at user control panel site already ( then you can click Login button to join this device to your account.
– Hide Icon is necessary.
– Login to to view all tracking GPS Location

Installation Guide: Install Copy9

How to use GPS Tracker:

– If you want turn on/turn off GPS History function, you click Settings -> Sync Settings. and check or uncheck GPS History.

– Default 15 minutes, Copy9 Spy app will get Location from target device (if phone turn on Location). If you want change to 30 minus or 5 minus, please change at Sync Settings, and input value at GPS Interval.

How to view GPS History

– If you want view all location tracking from Target Device, please click GPS History at Control Panel
– If you want track real-time GPS for find location now from target device, please click Get GPS Now.

Why do use GPS Tracker:

How do you know if they are traveling to their assigned destinations? Or imagine your child tells you they are visiting a friend’s house that you approve but instead goes somewhere you told them not to go

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